New in Reader: Combined Cards

If you’ve ever followed a frequently updating site in Reader, you may have noticed a problem. When one of your followed sites goes on a posting streak, it can easily overwhelm your stream, causing you to miss posts from less frequent sites.

Today we launched a new feature to alleviate this problem: Combined Cards. Now, when a site you follow gets prolific, we’ll combine those posts into a single card — provided the posts are all from the same day and uninterrupted by posts from other sites.

Here’s a recent example from Time Magazine. (Did you know you can follow Time in Reader? You can!) Before on the left, after on the right.


For Writers: If you post once a day, your posts will never be combined in Reader. If you post more than once a day, it’s possible your posts will be combined for some readers and not others — it depends on how many other sites they follow and when they post. Posts will only be combined if they’re uninterrupted by other posts.

For Readers: Your Followed Sites stream still shows all the posts from the sites you follow, in exactly the same order. The only thing that’s changed is that if a site posts a string of new posts, we’ll combine them into one card so they take up less vertical space.

We hope this change makes Reader more pleasant to use, and helps you feel comfortable following more frequently updating sites. If you’d like some suggestions, here are some great high frequency sites we recommend: Fortune, People, Laughing SquidUproxxThe Sports DailyHeavy, TechCrunchBlack America Web, and BGR. Remember to click the “Follow” link at the top of the page to add it to your Reader. members can visit Reader in the usual spot. Not a member yet? Join us. And thanks, as always, for being part of the community.

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Save Your Favorite Images and Media on, Anytime

We’ve added a new media section to your dashboard, allowing you to bulk upload, edit, and tweak your media files. Let’s look at the changes:

Upload Media in Bulk

Add new items in bulk by going to MediaAdd New to activate the file picker. You can also drag and drop items right onto the page.

Edit Media

Now you can edit media files as you add them to your post or directly from the media section. To modify media information like the title or caption, select the items you would like to edit, then click Edit.

In the details view, you can update the title, caption, and description. Any changes made in these fields will be saved automatically for you.

Edit Photos

If you have a photo that needs to be cropped or rotated you can now update this here, too! From the media detail view select Edit Image.

In the Image Editor (see this guide for full instructions), you can crop, rotate, and flip images directly on

If you’re happy with the changes you’ve made, select Done.


Finding a previously uploaded media item is easier, too. Go to the filter tabs to sort media by file type, or select the magnifying glass to open the search field and search for images by title. In the details view, you can copy the URL link for use in a new post or page.

We hope you enjoy these updates to your Media Library!

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3 Steps you can take To some Prom Gown Having a Big Bust line

There’s nothing because annoying like a gown that’s ill-fitting. It is much more annoying once the bust line is actually too big for you personally. As you may usually consider the actual ensemble to some customize and also have this customized, you will possibly not possess time for you to get it done. If you’re in this situation, here are a few from the points that can be done for that ensemble to suit a person.

Pin number clothes

Right here you should utilize security hooks to suit clothes easier to your own bust line. You need to begin by putting on the actual ensemble after which request your own buddy to collect the additional material in the aspect seams of the gown. As soon as your own buddy offers collected the actual material you need to request the woman’s in order to pin number clothes utilizing security hooks.

You need to after that remove clothes as well as calculate the quantity of material that’s pinned in the seam. You need to take away the hooks as well as switch the actual ensemble within away therefore that you can to achieve the inside aspect seams. You need to after that collect exactly the same quantity of material you had pinned after which pin number the actual material within clothes.

When the material is within location you need to right now put on the actual ensemble. To prevent hurting your self it is best to make use of security hooks; you shouldn’t make use of directly hooks.

Sew the Velcro

Right here you have to sew the remove associated with Velcro towards the attributes from the gown, below your own hands. When the Velcro rubs towards the skin you need to sew the actual tough aspect aside of the bra. The advantage of Velcro is actually it helps with keeping clothes for your entire body, therefore getting rid of gapping as well as sliding.

Purchase the correct underwear

For those who have time for you to purchase underwear, you need to hurry towards the shops as well as help to make your own buy. The very best undergarment in order to put on is really a cushioned bra. This particular bra can help your own bust line to suit the additional room.

Should you curently have the cushioned bra and also the bust line continues to be too big, you should look at purchasing silicon inserts that will help within filling up the area. You need to put on the actual inserts within the bra and they’ll assist your own gown through sliding lower.


They are a few of the points that can be done in case your prom gown includes a bust line that’s too big. To prevent this particular you ought to be careful whenever purchasing your own ensemble. When creating your own buy usually make sure that you very first attempt the actual ensemble.

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Strategies for Purchasing Messenger Totes

Nowadays, messenger totes tend to be gaining interest because it’s very trendy as well as fulfills the actual every day needs of individuals such as maintaining purses, mobile computing, e-readers, wise cell phones. The actual messenger totes are utilized through college students, designers, experts or even any kind of guy who wants to possess this. It’s high quality is actually fashionable, distinctive as well as required.

A few of the strategies for purchasing Messenger tote:


You will find various kinds of totes depending on it’s utilization, that performs a substantial part within buying. The caliber of materials as well as sewing ought to be efficient as well as powerful such as the going tote depends upon the actual dumbbells, safe buckles as well as zippered wallets, the actual diaper tote depends upon the actual dimension with regard to diapers as well as baby wipes as well as to carry publications, concentrate is actually on the heavy, cushioned make straps.


Since the spending budget varies through individual to individual. The buying price of the tote can also be essential whilst buying because the buying price of the exact same tote differs through organization in order to organization. The standard as well as using the actual messenger tote would be the attribute function to select the buying price of the tote, that ought to end up being sensible as well as inexpensive.


These types of totes tend to be associated with various designs. The actual design choice procedure entails color, functions as well as most recent developments as well as coordinating your own character as well as picture. The present pattern is really a classic design style.


These types of totes are created along with various supplies such as 100 % cotton, leather-based, canvas as well as polyester. The various materials offers numerous styles as well as versatile appear along with large color types.

Personal Viewpoint:

Your own wants, choices as well as viewpoint are extremely essential simply because you’ll be the best person from the tote. Usually choose your decision since it varies individual to individual. Therefore, pick a tote that pays your own wish.


In the present way of life, you will find replicate items available for sale. As well as most people like the messenger tote along with unique type as well as distinctive design. Therefore, usually pick the messenger totes with regard to males, that are distinctive, hand crafted as well as restricted within amount.


The amount of wallets within as well as away from tote can also be essential within the choice. The actual leather-based tote with regard to males that contains a good sufficient quantity of wallet allows for to keep all of the possessions properly as well as easily.


You can buy the messenger tote from the shopping mall as well as may purchase on the internet through numerous on the internet buying web sites. The internet buying comes with an additional advantage compared to traditional buying since it uses much less period, provide sensible costs as well as discount rates & additionally various types can be found.

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four Simple Tips about how to Purchase Jewellery

Jewelries tend to be excellent presents to provide somebody you like as well as worry about. Whilst this is actually the situation, purchasing the models could be complex particularly without having the best info. To assist you listed here are tips about how to purchase jewellery.

Prevent reputation titles

Whilst trustworthy jewellery shops invest considerable time as well as profit making sure they have top quality models, the actual models are often very costly.

Based on specialists, the actual jewellery is commonly costly just since the brand may be additional onto it. For instance, a business may choose simply a regular metallic band as well as include it’s title as well as market this in a cost in excess of 50% from the unique cost.

To prevent investing more income compared to required you need to prevent purchasing top quality jewellery. It’s also wise to prevent purchasing through international shops because they are usually very costly. To become about the secure aspect you should purchase through nearby stores-but you need to make sure that they’re reliable.

Choose pearls

Pearls tend to be inexpensive therefore could save you lots of money. Whenever purchasing all of them you need to choose cultured as well as fake models. You need to ignore organic pearls because they no-longer can be found as well as if you’re fortunate to locate all of them these people market from excessively high costs.

You need to be aware the actual pearls can be purchased based on their own dimensions in which the bigger the actual gem, the greater costly it’s. Whenever purchasing this you should look at the actual original appeal (the gleaming area which seems to possess depth). Because guideline you need to prevent pearls which are boring or even over cast.

Choose metallic

Whilst precious metal jewelries tend to be extremely valued, they’re very costly. If you wish to purchase jewellery with regard to the one you love as well as you do not have sufficient cash, you shouldn’t panic associated with opting for metallic models.

Whenever purchasing the items you need to choose individuals designated silver. These types of models possess 80. 5% metallic as well as associated with top quality. You need to prevent items designated Pennie metallic or even German born metallic because they do not have actual metallic whatsoever.

Discover the actual jewel

You will find 3 types of valuable gemstones: organic, artificial as well as fake. Organic models tend to be dug from the floor. Artificial are created within the lab whilst fake are created within The far east.

Whenever purchasing the models, you need to choose organic models; nevertheless, when they tend to be too costly for you personally, you need to choose artificial gemstones. You need to be aware artificial gemstones aren’t phony; they’re simply developed within the lab.

You need to prevent fake gemstones because they tend to be associated with absolutely no worth for you. The reason being they’re simply coloured bits of plastic material.

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The very best Prom Gown Colour For the Attention Colour

Are you aware how the colour of the prom gown performs a significant part within complementing your own attention colour? Which means that putting on a good ensemble the actual highlights the body determine is not sufficient; a person should also put on a good ensemble which highlights your own eye. If you’re asking yourself what you need to put on, this is a manual:

Azure eye

The actual ensemble that you simply put on could make your own eye appear more dark or even lighter in weight. In order to emphasize the actual azure inside your eye you need to put on a good ensemble which has a tone associated with azure. To create the actual lighter in weight flecks inside your eye in order to stick out, you need to put on a good ensemble which has a lighter in weight azure colour.

If you would like your own eye to possess a much deeper color, you need to put on the gown which has a more dark azure colour.

Besides azure, opt for putting on a good ensemble which has tones associated with red. The great aspect along with red is actually it contrasts your own eye therefore producing your own eye take away much more.

Among the colours that you ought to prevent is actually dark. The reason being dark can make your own eye shed their own warmness as well as friendliness.

Eco-friendly eye

For those who have eco-friendly eye you’re about the fortunate aspect as possible put on gowns associated with various colours but still appear really stylish. As you may put on clothes associated with various colours, there are several colours which are ideal for a person. 1 colour you should look at is actually eco-friendly. Putting on a good ensemble which has tones associated with eco-friendly can make your own eye appear greener as well as spectacular.

Additional colours that you ought to think about tend to be gentle red as well as crimson.


With regard to perfect outcomes you need to choose clothes along with natural colours for example whitened, off white, as well as lotion. If you wish to emphasize the various shades associated with dark brown inside your eye you need to choose coffee-colored shades or even rich and creamy gentle browns. It is also sensible that you simply test out various tones associated with dark brown and find out the one which will appear excellent you. Opt for attempting various tones associated with lemon.

Gentle dark brown eye

The very best colour that you could opt for for those who have gentle dark brown eye is actually lemon. In case your gentle dark brown eye possess flecks associated with eco-friendly, you need to test out gowns along with various tones associated with eco-friendly for example olive as well as moss. If you prefer a better colour you need to choose teal, fish red or even peach.


They are a few of the perfect colours from the gowns that you ought to put on together with your attention colour. Whatever the ensemble a person put on, usually make sure that it is associated with top quality.

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How you can Put on An extended Prom Gown Based on The body Kind

Are you aware which it’s not necessary to end up being high as well as slim for any lengthy prom gown in order to slimmer the body? No matter the body form you are able to put on an extended gown and you’ll appeal to the interest from the individuals going to the actual prom. Just about all you need to do would be to put on the actual ensemble properly.

Curvy form

For those who have the curvy determine you need to get a maxi gown. The great aspect having a maxi gown is actually it includes a cinched waistline, shoulder straps, as well as flares which showcase your own figure whilst simultaneously concealing your own problems.

With regard to perfect outcomes you need to prevent a good ensemble which has ruffles, sequins round the tummy, thin shoulder straps, and additional lengthy slits which will elongate the body therefore bringing in focus on the actual challenging places.

Rectangle-shaped form

For those who have the rectangle-shaped physique this means that the sides as well as shoulder blades tend to be nearly from the exact same dimension; nevertheless, you’ve got a scaled-down bust-line. The great aspect along with getting this particular physique is actually you have an array of lengthy prom gowns that you could select from. 2 of the greatest prom gowns to visit with regard to tend to be line gowns along with thin dresses as well as Grecian gowns.

Line clothes permit you to seem higher whilst Grecian clothes showcase your own training collar as well as well developed hands. With regard to perfect outcomes you need to put on a good ensemble along with spaghetti shoulder straps.

Big broke

It is difficult to locate a lengthy prom gown which will slimmer the body without having sketching focus on the actual bust-line. Whilst this is actually the situation, it doesn’t imply that you can’t really look for a complementing gown.

For those who have a sizable bust line you need to choose a good ensemble having a V-neck to be able to showcase your own collarbones. It’s also wise to choose a good ensemble along with limit masturbator sleeves as well as broad shoulder straps to be able to pull focus on your own shoulder blades as well as hands.

Pear form

The majority of ladies having a pear form frequently prevent lengthy gowns because they really feel that they’ll appeal to focus on the actual challenging places. If you think you’ll want to put on an extended ensemble, you need to go on and get it done. Just about all you must do would be to stress the actual the surface of the ensemble. One of the ways to do it’s putting on the gown that’s lighter in weight at the very top as well as more dark at the end.


This is the way you need to put on an extended prom gown based on the body kind. With regard to perfect outcomes usually put on a superior quality ensemble.

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An in depth Manual for you to get an ideal Match

Just about all males, regardless of how old they are or even physique, appear stylish inside a match. This particular classic as well as elegant clothing could be put on throughout any special occasion. The completely customized match, whenever put on, provides you with the sensation associated with sliding right into a 2nd pores and skin.

Features which make an ideal match

The perfect-fitting match may improve your own look and for that reason could make a person remain out of the group. Caution although, the misfit could make a person appear cheap as well as unorganized. To prevent this kind of awkward circumstances, usually think about the beneath factors whenever choosing an ideal match —

Advise your own customize to create a coat having a complete canvas layering between your material as well as coating. Obtaining the coating fused or even glued towards the material might set you back much less within the brief operate, however it may wreck the entire style from the match. If you’re with limited funds, you might want to choose more affordable canvas overcoats.
Usually request your own customize to incorporate the experienced coating underneath the training collar from the coat. This particular improves the actual performance from the clothing. You are able to put on the actual match because outerwear throughout wet as well as cold weather. Such as this particular standards additionally helps to ensure that the form from the match round the neck of the guitar is actually taken care of.
To be able to evaluate the caliber of the finish item, usually turn to assess the line depend. A perfect depend will be between 100 in order to 120. Any kind of depend with this variety means how the material that’s been utilized is actually associated with exceptional high quality.
Request your own customize to incorporate possibly teeth enamel or even tortoise spend control keys rather than plastic material types. Plastic material control keys tend to be delicate as well as give-in very easily.
Request your own customize to incorporate concealed wallets. This particular can be helpful within camouflaging your own useful belongings such as charge cards, money and so on.
Advise your own customize to incorporate vented pleats. This particular addition guarantees a great match. This provides you with the nice appear through stopping your own tucked-in clothing through sliding away.
The very carefully sewn sleeve coating is really a should. This can make sure that the actual make suits easily.
Finally, you are able to personalize the actual match based on your requirements. Range from the specs that you simply believe goes in-sync together with your identity. Expose small adjustments towards the last style. A number of that that may consist of an internal design cut towards the coat or even a good non-traditional colour design. The end result is please test.

If you’re uncertain associated with the way the match ought to be; seek advice from the stylist. You are able to usually use the internet as well as interact with the match producer that provides useful design strategies for elegant outfitting.

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Maxi Dresses: Love, Wear, Style, Repeat

Maxi dress, as we all know, is not only one of the most comfortable, flattering and forgiving items of clothing to wear but they are also surprisingly versatile too. They are easy to add layers over as well as hide layers under, making them the perfect transitional piece for the coming fall months where some days are super chilly and others are still warmed by the summer sun. This alone makes them and skirts my favorite pieces to wear for fall but they are also a fantastic way to extend your summer wardrobe and get creative with pieces you already have in your closet as well as fun accessories.

Thanks to its breezy silhouette, an extensive range of prints, and a wide spectrum of colors, maxi dresses pretty much double as cover-ups once summer rolls around. But when styled correctly, it doesn’t have to be worn exclusively at the beach – it can be also given a street-chic appeal.

For photographic proof, we rounded up our favorite street-style snaps that have us reaching for our favorite one. From posh black tie affairs to chic city wedding ceremonies, long days spent on the beach to smart shirt-types perfectly suited to the office; the ankle frock is without a doubt the most versatile Scroll through to learn from these chic snaps and then shop a few of our favorite maxis, below.

Slips over Shirts

Wearing a slip dress over a t-shirt may be a good idea for spring but autumn demands a little more planning and styling. Wearing a dress over a jumper is not only on-trend this season it’s also down right practical for cooler weather. The runways of House of Holland and Escada got it right by allowing the jumper to add warmth underneath while the dress maintained the feminine silhouette on top. Etro and Mulberry went one step further by adding a matching scarf and pants, respectively, to create two perfect examples of layering.

Off Duty Look

Sling on a tough-looking leather jacket and a pair of trainers and you have got yourself the perfect off-duty outfit. Length is key here when wearing yours with trainers, and should sit just below the ankle. Complete your look with a cool cross body bag and statement sunglasses. Adding a leather jacket over your breezy maxi dress makes your outfit with a touch of universal as well as comfortable. You can wear it as casual outfit when going shopping with the girls or as a date perfect at daytime or nighttime.

Office Look – Maxi and Jeans

The layered look has been a popular trend in recent years, and this season, trendsetters are taking it a bold step further with the dress over pants. If you are thinking of wearing a dress over pants and wondering whether it even makes sense – then yes, it does and you will love it. This ‘90s inspired trend is a cool new way to update items you already own by pairing them in a unique way that might not initially come to mind. The best way to wear your pants with long attire is with a high slit one. It will add a sophisticated yet modern look to your outfit. Would you dare to pair your maxi with pants?

Fancy it Up!

If you have a long ensemble that you want to wear from the beach to a fancy dinner, you can easily transform your maxi into a gown with a pair of beautiful in-style strappy sandals. Add a clutch to the outfit & belt the dress if you like & you’re good to go! Opt for either very minimal sandals or a multi-strap shoe. Of course, the busier the print of the dress, the more neutral & minimal the heels should be!

Chic and Cozy

It is time to prepare for the upcoming cold weather and what is the best way to do it with a fur coat. This will instantly add a chic touch to your outfit and will let you wear your summer garb over the cold temperatures. And if you opt for a faux fur floor length maxi coat like this one will add instant glamour to your outfit.

Accessorize it With Neck Scarf

What we love about this new Mark and Roberts trend is that it is extremely easy to do and it makes a huge outfit difference. It made us reconsider scarves but not for the sake of scarves but for the sake of scarves worn as chokers maybe and the little statement power they hold when tied like this. Tied loosely in a knot or wrapped several times, a silk scarf adds an instant chic to an outfit. No outfit is complete without a necktie.

Pair it With Boots

Ankle boots are perfect for entering or exiting the fall season. Lower ankle boots look best, but why not try a high-ankle pair of trendy platform boots à la Bowie.

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Deciding on the best Indian native Wedding Jewelry

The significance associated with choosing the best jewellery can’t be anxious sufficient as well as ladies frequently location as much significance upon jewellery buying because upon clothing buying. Certainly, the kind of clothing selected are crucial in order to making a stylish appear however they are just the bottom which particular add-ons need to be put into total the appearance. Indian native wedding brides appreciate this much better than anyone because wedding jewellery models really are a essential facet of the actual 16 accents from the conventional Indian native bride-to-be. Just about all wedding jewellery through Indian is actually therefore made to end up being dazzlingly stunning as well as luxurious searching. This represents the actual unique placement from the bride-to-be, producing the woman’s feel and look such as vips.

A typical misunderstanding is actually which the simplest way in order to adorn to have an Indian native bride-to-be would be to opt for conventional, outrageous items and heap all of them upon. Although lots of glistening Indian native wedding jewelry choices can be found, design the actual wedding appear is all about more than merely choosing probably the most large or even the majority of gleaming items. Numerous subtleties get into determining that item is most effective towards the appear, such as the social, local as well as spiritual identification from the bride-to-be, the kind of gown selected, the actual over-all colour plan as well as styles and also the style from the wedding ceremony by itself. Furthermore, the actual bride-to-be could also would like to take into consideration her very own comfortableness using the numerous Indian native wedding jewellery kinds; a few might would rather proceed the entire hog along with anklets, mang tikkas, kamarbandh, armlets as well as kaleera while some might not wish to endeavor past the actual pendant, ear-rings as well as bracelets.

Typically the most popular as well as well-known Indian native wedding jewelry would be the Kundan models through Rajasthan as well as Gujarat. Intricately designed as well as exceptionally created, they’re usually arranged along with precious metal as well as valuable gemstones which appear beautiful covered close to the bride’s neck of the guitar as well as arms. Within northern Indian the actual wedding clothing is recognized as imperfect without having this kind of pendant. Nevertheless, Kundan models don’t always complement along with each and every kind of wedding ensemble. They’ll set superbly along with conventional red-colored as well as precious metal Banarasi sarees or even rock studded lehenga cholis along with large conventional styles. Nevertheless, with increased contemporary design wedding sarees, salwar kameez or even chaniya cholis, Indian native wedding jewellery made from pearls as well as occur precious metal or even metallic will be appropriate.

Wedding brides who wish to give a dash associated with colour for their ensemble would rather opt for Meenakari items enameled along with stunning as well as lively styles. Additional conventional wedding jewellery such as Polki as well as Thewa will also be extremely popular, as well as generate the actual required glamour as well as elegance without having to be as well elaborate as well as large. Within southern Indian, the most well-liked add-ons tend to be large precious metal items with no gemstones however wrought in to elaborate styles. These types of appear especially stunning using the luxurious Kanchipuram sarees as well as impressive whitened as well as precious metal Kerala Kasavu sarees.

These days, westernized styles as well as revolutionary designs will also be getting well-liked within Indian native wedding jewellery, particularly along with wedding brides putting on custom clothing which may appear unusual along with conventional wedding models.

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