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First Look: Monogram Multicolore Patti and Annie

It looks like Louis Vuitton is taking a break from edgy spike studs (Courtney and Chrissie) and brought back feminine bows to the Multicolore. Here’s your first look to the upcoming Monogram Multicolore bags: the Annie and Patti.

Annie is a spacious tote which comes in two sizes, MM (pictured) and GM (which has a slightly different design, more like a tote within a tote) while Patti is a cute shoulder bag which measures 10″ x 6.1″ x 5.3″. Both bags features similar design elements such as…

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Darkness Brings Such Beauty

The phenomenon of the return of the vampires into cult …
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Dear Project Runway Season 8,

Why is it only Episode 3 and my favourite model has already been eliminated!?!?! In remembrance, I wanted to feature her here on Lola Re. 

Her name is Julia Rodriguez, and she’s a Mexican model of African descent. I think it’s cool to think there are women of colour from all around the African Diaspora (especially since a branch of my mom’s family apparently went to Mexico). Here are some of my favourite photos:



Bella! She’ll be featured in next month’s American Elle I believe, so keep an eye out for that. 

This post’s post-apocalyptic title is also the title of one of my favourite bands, (and not just because I’m friends with the members). It’s called Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster, and they do atmospheric, instrumental, progressive rock that makes “movies in your mind.” Their music kind of reminds me of the first 10 mins of 28 Days Later. So, here’s a clip of them playing a song called ‘Calligraphy,’ followed by a short interview with the band. 

If you like what you hear, and you’re in London, they’re playing a gig at Old Street on August 27th 2010 (Bank Holiday weekend). More info on their Facebook Page.


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Louis Vuitton Monogram Volupté

Let me introduce the first Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2010 runway bags to be released: the classy Monogram Volupté. The bags in this line are made from a glamorous combination of refined materials such as the Monogram embossed coated cotton jacquard and calfskin. These materials gives the bag a luxurious texture with the leather adding a refined contrast.

Monogram Volupté consists of two pieces, the Beauté and Psyché, both having the silhouette of the iconic Speedy with the…

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Mega Diva Means Mega Fashion

Mega Diva Beyonce has built an empire launched from her …
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Everyone is talking about the opulence of Fall/Winter 2010. When I think of opulence, I’m inspired by Bollywood films, Lebanese pop singers, and timeless American jazz.

Madhuri Dixit as Chandramuki in the film Devdas (2000). She plays a courtesan who falls in love with Devdas, who is mourning his ex. Another patron bet her that if Devdas wouldn’t come -and if he didn’t she’d have had to spend the night dancing for him. But he showed up.

Lebanese star Haifa Wehbe singing a lullaby to her son in a song called “Baby, Be Good”

For me, opulence will always be represented by African American and legendary jazz singer Billie Holiday. I was really excited when I found there are YouTube videos of her singing!

What is elegant and opulent to you?

[This post came from a song called "Me, Myself and I" sung by Billie Holiday. The full lyrics are:

Me, myself and I are all in love with you
We all think you're wonderful, we do
Me, myself and I have just one point of view
We're convinced there's no one else like you

It can't be denied, dear
You've brought the sun to us
We'd be satisfied, dear
If you belonged to one of us, so...

If you pass me by,
three hearts will break in two
'Cause me, myself and I
Are all in love with you]

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Louis Vuitton Opens Newly Renovated Santa Monica Store

Last Friday, August 6th, Louis Vuitton opened its first location on the westside of Los Angeles. Located at the newly renovated Santa Monica Place, between 3rd Street Promenade and the world famous Santa Monica Pier, this marks the 137th Louis Vuitton in North America.

With a surface area of 4,139 square feet, Louis Vuitton Santa Monica will carry an array of women’s and men’s leather goods from the house’s traditional and innovative collections of luggage and city bags, as well as the very…

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Solve One Wedding Nightmare!

My poor friends who are getting married! Ha-ha! No not the wonderful sanctity of marriage is bad but the planning can be a freaking nightmare. My good friend just got married a week ago and she was so stressing over everything, especially the wedding bands ! I can’t blame her because it is not easy to pull off such a big event. One place I wish I could have told her about is a great place to review wedding bands and arrange for her wedding music. There is a very cool new site where you can go and look at the bands, find the genre of music you want for your ceremony and reception. You get to look at the bands pictures and listen to sample music or watch a video. Once you have selected the band or bands you want to get a quote from to play your blissful gig you fill in a simple form and off it goes.

Wedding Music

Then your quotes start coming in! It is great and of course you have all ready seen and heard the band so no worries about not being happy with them. The band can really make a huge difference during your reception! Getting married soon? Do the fashionable thing and check out to relieve some stress girl! Stress shows on your face first baby it’s not fashionable! :)

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Lookbook is forever!

My addiction to lookbook is back! I am actually member of the site since 2007 but they cancelled my account because of neglecting it. Smh! Now, I decided to apply again and sent them my first look. I was worried they might not accept me and to my surprise they have confirmed my registration. YAYS! And thanks to Sis Joanna for the invitation code (even though I wasn’t able to use it). *Big Hugs*

I have been browsing and saw a lot of vintage fashion which catches my eye. I will try to make a list of them later. For now, I have made my 2nd Look. Been loving dresses lately: && BTW, hubby bought me a cute bow necklace  that I said “ewwww it’s too flashy”  but when I put it on it looks totally awesome! I Just Love It!

Like the outfit? Hype it :)

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MCM Glam Rock Shopper

MCM surprised me with this one!  The Glam Rock Shopper would make a fabulous everyday or weekend bag for several reasons.  Let’s start with the texture, studded logo detail and the chain straps with leather tassel.  All the details seem to work well together.  The price is a little steep, but if you’re considering a new bag for fall/winter, then this MCM may be perfect for you!  Price: $1,345 at Bloomingdale’s.

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