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porters Prêt à Porters

In the Women’s Fashion Show Fall/Winter 2012, the Porters appeared carrying the models’ luggage, adding an exceptional hint to the show and recalling a time when train travel was considered the height of luxury. Always associated with journeys through the places he crosses and belongs to, the Porter remains a discrete but key figure intimately linked to an elegant Art of Travel. Railway station platforms, docks, luxury hotels… he subtly evokes a luxurious departure for unknown places and reminds us of Louis Vuitton’s nineteenth-century origins, lightness and magic.

In this magnetic fashion film set to music by the band Hot Chip, the sophisticated symbol reinvents itself to stretch to infinity: thousands of Porters reveal a rhythmic and hypnotic world. One enters a huge enigmatic white room and finds his way through the crowd. The discrete embodiment of sophistication in travel finally turned into the main protagonist of a journey to Louis Vuitton’s origins as a luggage purveyor.

Images via Louis Vuitton

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Louis Vuitton Now And Then: 78 bis Avenue Marceau

1023314 Louis Vuitton Now And Then: 78 bis Avenue Marceau

Louis Vuitton moved locations, from the Champs-Elysées to a private mansion at 78 bis Avenue Marceau to celebrate the Maison’s 100th anniversary. Though the store had moved to a quieter location, clients lined up to queue, waiting up to 3 hours to be able to access inside. The queue would include both celebrities and local clients as there were no exceptions or VIP services at the time.

The new premise attracted a new set of customers, many having flown in from Japan. Long term customers included personalities from the world of Parisian Fashion icons, such as Hélène Rochas, Helena Rubinstein, Christian Dior, and Hubert de Givenchy. The family of perfumers the Guerlains, were the most loyal clients returning ever since 1898.

Avenue Marceau is now closed and has become a hotel, but its past marks the last years of Gaston-Louis’ reign and the beginnings of Louis Vuitton’s expansion as a more international brand.

Images via Louis Vuitton

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Louis Vuitton City Guide 2013: Tokyo

310245h Louis Vuitton City Guide 2013: Tokyo

In its third edition, the Louis Vuitton City Guide to Tokyo revisits every facet of the vibrant capital through around 600 addresses chosen with flair and discernment: luxury hotels and charming ryokan, chic cafés and tea houses, fine food dens, world-class restaurants, and secret gardens. The very best of fashion, the arts, design, music, nightlife, and the underground scene are also explored. Equipped with easy-to-use maps, Japanese lettering to help identify establishments, and detailed information, the guide unlocks the city for discerning travelers and intrepid insiders.

In parallel to the publication of its guides, Louis Vuitton offers us the chance to discover online a series of unique short films adapted from its City Guides. Each video explores a city through an original theme and invites you to discover a few addresses taken from the guide. In the video below, go behind the scenes of Tokyo hotels, from historic luxury accommodation to the most typical ryokan.

Louis Vuitton City Guide 2013 Tokyo
224 pages.
600 addresses classified by heading.
Format: 12 x 21 x 1,5 cm.
Colour: Rosewood
Retail price: 25 euros.
Published on 15 October 2012
ISBN French version: 978-2-917781-64-7
ISBN English version: 978-2-917781-65-4
ISBN Japanese version: 978-2-917781-66-1

Images via Louis Vuitton

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G and L Clothing Finds!

My brother in law is almost 6 feet tall and my sister is always complaining how tough it is to find clothes big enough for his dimensions. Every time she’s infront of her desk, she is always browsing for websites that carries big sizes. So I was more than excited when I came across this website called G and L Clothing. Here you can find dress, casual or even work outfits for all kind of sizes.

Big and Tall ClothingFor over 90 years, G and L has been outfitting men, women and children with quality clothing and footwear. Not to mention, they have a fabulous selection of high quality brand name at reasonable prices too. Big and Tall Clothing, of course! Plus, they carry many of my favorite brands like Dickies Clothing, Levis, Lacrosse and Timberland. I like that they have a pretty neat website! It is very easy navigate and you can easily find what you are looking for and another thing that drew me to the site is the free delivery they offer on all orders over $99. That’s a real bonus and you can track your orders easily and returns are trouble-free.

.. And like the usual, I had to have my picks. Check them below! (:

Womans Sweatshirt Womans Sweatshirt

It’s a Mix and match with the Carhartt Womens Hooded Track Jacket (Purple) and a Women’s Cascade Jacket in Black. They are kinda different from what I’d usually buy, but I like the idea of trying them out for a change! Love these beautiful comfy sweater look!

Being able to find clothes that actually fit you is quite pain in the ass, considering that the sizes on the ordinary stores are designed mostly for skinny people. As promised, I will share all the good shopping site I will find here. If you are looking for some big and tall clothing for someone special but too lazy to go to the malls, then look no further. Give a shot! Honestly, It’s like the best store in the world for a person like my sis. He-he!

HAPPY WEEKEND Everyone, ‘Til my next post!

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Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2013 Womenswear Show Live

EN SS13 DigitalPR 2 Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2013 Womenswear Show Live

On Wednesday, October 3rd, Louis Vuitton will present the new Ready-to-Wear Spring/Summer 2013 Women’s Collection from the Louvre at 10am (GMT+2). Watch it LIVE at (available on mobile and tablet devices) and the Louis Vuitton Facebook Page.

From today, follow the show preparations on the newly launched Louis Vuitton Instagram account (LouisVuitton). For the launch, Louis Vuitton has the pleasure of inviting stylist and fashion editor Katie Grand, to give followers behind the scenes access to the show. Join us on Instagram during Paris Fashion Week for the Louis Vuitton Insider photos from Katie.

Images via Louis Vuitton

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Louis Vuitton Now and Then: 70 Avenue Champs Elysées

NeAr Louis Vuitton 05 Now WM2 Louis Vuitton Now and Then: 70 Avenue Champs Elysées

“The refined and wealthy clientele of world renowned Louis Vuitton were, on this occasion, able to appreciate not only its new trunk designs bags and wardrobes but also a comfortable reading room, a travel room and theatre tickets at their disposal…” noted a French newspaper in 1914 upon the inauguration of the new Louis Vuitton ‘Maison’ on the Champs Elysées in Paris.

Residing at number 101 avenue Champs Elysées, the Louis Vuitton flagship which today dominates the avenue’s major intersection with avenue George V, was inaugurated in 2005, 91 years after the first imprint of the house upon Paris’ prominent avenue. One of Louis Vuitton’s very first stores and the one to which the newspaper extract refers, was located just down the road at number 70 avenue Champs Elysées. Considered an audacious adventure in 1914 when it was constructed by Georges Vuitton, the son of Louis, this architectural paragon is today home to a luxury hotel.

Architecture was a family tradition for the Vuittons. In envisioning this edifice, the façade of which was at once in the art deco and art nouveau style, Georges Vuitton, placed the Malletier at the forefront of the architectural vicissitude arresting the Champs Elysées in the early twentieth century. Furthermore, in 1914, this Louis Vuitton boutique was considered the largest travel-goods store in the entire world.

Today the façade of the building is deemed a historic monument and it is still possible to read ‘Vuitton Building’ there. Although no longer in the possession of Louis Vuitton, the travel legacy is incontestably continued by a luxury hotel which today is situated upon the very same progressive imprint made by the Malletier in 1914.

Witness the transformation below:

Image via Louis Vuitton

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New Themes: Gigawatt and Pinboard

Happy Thursday! I’m pleased to announce the two newest additions to our ever-growing Theme Showcase.


First off, it’s grungy meets vintage with Gigawatt — a clean and bold premium theme from Obox Themes.

Designed especially for filmmakers, editors, creatives, and professionals working in motion picture-related industries, Gigawatt displays your big screen talents in the best way possible on the small screen. Among its features include dark and light color schemes, a showcase page template that contains a large featured slider to place your latest video posts front and center, and up to four widget areas — one in the right sidebar and three in the footer.

Learn more about how you can get your own show going on your blog by visiting Gigawatt on the Theme Showcase.

Next up is Pinboard, a crafty, textured premium theme designed by Themify that allows you to create your own virtual scrapbook.


Share your favorite design finds, create an inspiration board for your next DIY project, or start a blog and show us your crafty side. However you use it, Pinboard is sure to inspire you.

Read more about Pinboard’s features on the Theme Showcase.

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New Themes: Gridspace and Ascetica

Happy Themeday, all! Today we have two brand-spankin’-new themes for your visual enjoyment.


First up is Gridspace, a classic, elegant premium theme by Graph Paper Press.

Gridspace lets you show your work in style. Designed as a portfolio for photographers, its slick features include light and dark color schemes, multiple thumbnail sizes, a responsive design, and a convenient space for your logo. Your readers can easily switch between two blog layouts on the fly – grid view and list view – while large featured images and an elegant overall design make your work the focus.

Live on the grid, and check out Gridspace on the Theme Showcase!

Next up is Ascetica, a beautiful theme from AlienWP, designed by Galin Simeonov.

Get rid of the clutter and concentrate on your content. Ascetica prefers subtle details over flashy gimmicks and provides the perfect balance of minimalism, white-space, responsiveness, and customization to allow you to focus on and support what matters most – your content – while doing it in a way that is uniquely your own.

Love that minimalist look? Then make sure to visit Ascetica on the Theme Showcase.

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Freshly Pressed: Editors’ Picks for August 2012

In August, bloggers hit us with their best: Smart takes on the month’s biggest stories. Thoughtful musings on culture. Photographs and art that bring the world to life.

The following ten picks represent what Freshly Pressed is all about: original content that engages readers, timely posts that contribute to a larger discussion, and personal writing that resonates with others. Enjoy!

Glimpses of Iran

This photo essay documents quiet, unexpected moments of daily life in Iran and captures the delicious details and textures of Yzad and elsewhere. The collection of six photographs illustrates quality over quantity—each image is strong, well-composed, and tells its own story.

Frankie V. Debra, Roe V. Wade: Patricia Heaton’s Two Famous Moms, and Can You Still Be a Feminist If You’re Anti-Abortion?

“But I’m still happy to be in their gang, because we don’t all have to think the same.”

This post examines hot-button topics—abortion and feminism—through an original and nuanced discussion of actress Patricia Heaton. We are impressed with the blogger’s honesty, respectful but confident voice, and willingness to ask questions; these elements encourage readers to comment and join the discussion.

Thinking of New Orleans

“Why do we turn to these stories? For shelter. We need an explanation, because “It happened for no reason at all” is somehow too horrifying to face.”

In this reflection on Hurricane Katrina, writer/photographer Kim weaves thoughts on Louisiana, loss, and the film Beasts of the Southern Wild. We especially like her musings on how we create stories to cope, and to make sense of why things happen in the world. Her gallery of evocative images of New Orleans complements the piece.

Armstrong Is Probably Guilty, But It Is Definitely Meaningless

“This whole long, sordid episode ends in two competing realities. The first is that Armstrong – despite his protests – likely is guilty. The second is that doesn’t matter if he is.”

After introducing the story on Lance Armstrong’s battle with the US Anti-Doping Agency, Mark presents an opinionated yet fair take on doping in cycling (and touches on other sports, too). He admits he is not an Armstrong fan, which further illustrates a balanced approach to the issue.

Authors Behaving Badly: The Seedy Underbelly of Reviewing

“As a writer, I’m not comfortable with the idea of someone writing a review of my book if they haven’t read it. I’m not writing so people can pat me on the back, I’m writing because I have stories I want people to read.”

Here, Jo offers her thoughts on an interesting publishing story: an entrepreneur who set up a business in which authors pay him to write a positive review. Solidly written and thorough, the post leads to a discussion for both writers and readers alike. We like how she asks questions at the end to help launch a healthy debate.

Republican Todd Akin: Don’t Worry, You Won’t Get Pregnant From Rape

“The point is, this is a decision that most deeply affects the victims of rape; those victims have to live with the outcomes of that decision as well as the effects of the crime itself; and those women should be allowed to make the decision that is best for them.”

August saw no lull in controversy in the news, and bloggers confronted these issues head on. A post tackling a hot-button issue can become polarized—even angry—but this take on Todd Akin’s statement on rape is at once passionate and professional.

Lie to Me: Five Lies I’m Proud of Telling My Kids

“Actually, Timmy, there’s a really, really good chance that you won’t be an astronaut. Considering your complete inability to understand long division, you’re probably going to sell cars when you grow up. Now let’s talk about Santa Claus.”

Readers enjoyed this tongue-in-cheek list about the lies one father tells his kids. Whether or not you are a parent, you can relate to this lighthearted post, and will likely recall your own childhood and wonder: did my parents lie to me?!

Rethinking Sleeping Beauty

“Before she pricks her finger, she hesitates, her hand outstretched, but then at Maleficent’s urging, she finally touches the spindle. I’ve always preferred to think that she did it on purpose, not just because she was under a spell. I like to see it as an act of rebellion, a refusal to go from Briar Rose to Aurora quite yet.”

We like how Melissa uses a childhood tale to express ideas about coming of age. Musings are particularly resonant when a writer takes something familiar—such as the story of Sleeping Beauty—to illustrate observations on a more personal level. As a result, she engages with her readers, who have made their own connections through her insights.

When Saturday Mornings Meant Something

Cartoons – the word, the concept, the feeling, the religion — is dead.  Dead and obsolete like the Gothic-arched mouse hole where Jerry took refuge.  Drowned in a sea of endless animation.”

This homage to old-school Saturday morning cartoons left readers swimming in a sea of nostalgia. He-Man! Dungeons and Dragons! The shows of Hanna-Barbera! The sharp and entertaining commentary and palpable passion for the subject contribute to this well-received post.

For Neil.

“Rest in peace other Neil.”

We’re always on the lookout for original artwork: illustrations, paintings, sketches, and more. Shortly after learning of Neil Armstrong’s death, (another) Neil shared an illustration celebrating the famed astronaut. The piece is just as much about Armstrong as it is about the artist himself, and this makes the post timely as well as touching.

What do you think about these selections? Were there other Freshly Pressed posts that stood out this month?

If you’re looking for more, peep the latest posts on Freshly Pressed; check out our writing challenges, photo challenges, and other blogging tips and inspiration at the Daily Post; visit our Recommended Blogs; and browse the most popular topics in the reader.

For editorial guidelines for Freshly Pressed, read: So You Want To Be Freshly Pressed.

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Be Stylish and Comfy!

Have you tried walking to the malls for hours and tried some really nice shoes and when you already loving them, they are not available in your size! (I know the feeling). Buying shoes can be a total nightmare for all woman especially if you have a larger feet. There are tons of shop with high street brands but also many of them do not cater to women with larger feet. Recently, I came across a great brand of shoes called Katie Long Shoes. They offers a wide selection of fashionable footwear to ladies and is specializing in comfortable ladies shoes from size 9 , size 10 and above. It is very helpful for anyone requiring large sizes- including a UK size 11. How fantastic is that? Katie Long Shoes has it all and can even offer a collection of bags and accessories to finish off your look. It really is not necessary to sacrifice comfort to wear stylish shoes. Now with Katie Long Shoes you could have both, Stylish and Comfy!

Here are my top picks of stylish but comfortable shoes. Let me know what you think! :)

shoes for large sizes feet shoes for large sizes feet

Wide Fitting Shoes

SINITA SANDALS – It’s a nice little trendy, beige suede summer sandal. Rouched effect ankle cuff, toe post and side zip, padded in-sole. Pretty trendy for a casual summer look!

BABS – is a pretty black knotted toe post sandal decorated with a double strand of diamante. Would look lovely with floaty maxi-dress but would dress up any summer holiday outfit!

Shopping for shoes can be really fun and easy if you know where to shop. So be sure to visit and shop for your heart’s desire! You can also check out their facebook here. Enjoy your shopping. Til my next post! :)

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