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Top 5 Beauty and Fashion Tips

In the modern era, every year many beauty and fashion styles have been rising. There are several beauty tips which are being used by the women throughout the world. Beauty and fashion trends will keep changing as the beauty and custom industries are introducing creative and innovative techniques & tips all the time. According to the survey, here are few tips on beauty and fashion:

Beauty tips

Eyes: These are the parts of the face which will be noticed first. So, it is must to take good care of them as healthy eyes are attractive eyes. Pick the eye shadow colours which are opposite to your skin counteract. Use dark colour shades like orange, coral, light grey and others as they enhance your look.

Skin: Drink more water as it makes your skin look healthier and improves your blood circulation. Use Ginseng that helps to improve the growth of your new skin cells. Use sunscreen lotions when going out in the sun. Use honey, cucumber, cherries, avocados and other as they are the natural resources that help to improve the look of your skin.

Hair: Use branded and natural conditioners and shampoos to your hair. Test them before you use as to check whether it suits your skin and hair are not. If you want to colour your hair, then it is better to go to an expert. When you use conditioners, leave your hair for few minutes after applying and then rinse it so that it makes the hair softer, smoother and shinier.

Makeup: There are many makeup products which are available on the market which helps you to look pretty. Follow the guides and tutorials on the products while using them. Use baby shampoo to wash your makeup brushes as it is effective, cheap and makes the brushes clean and nice.

make up tips

To remove dead cells and other on your skin use cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturises every day in the morning and night as it makes your skin healthier and brighter. Always carry a lip balm and lotion with you for keeping your skin hydrated.

Fashion tips

Hairstyle: Now-a-days messy hairstyles are replacing the intricate and overwhelming styles of past years. Quick buns, fresh-shower hair, messy plaits and other styles are exploding in the parties and events.

Costumes: There are many modern costumes available in the market. Presently, dresses with prints are in fashion and are being highly sold out. Wear the costumes which are comfortable and suits you. Avoid selecting too big or small dresses which show up a terrible look. The selection of clothes must be replicating your personality.

Accessories: Using accessories will give you an elegant mien. Choosing of them must be done accordingly to your dressing style as it gives the trendy and unique look to you. Use distinct colour accessories when you want to appear in funky look.

Nail arts: In the present era, the nail arts and extensions become more fashionable and trendy. These are used by all age groups of women. Nail arts of quirky designs can be indulged by everyone.

Admiring Reds: Now-a-days admiring reds are taking the centre phase, the brighter and the bolder. Using sympathetic colours brings your attire organised by not making too even. For an elegant look try burgundy, carmine, rose, wine and other shades.

Opt for the fashion trends which suit you best. Buy the things by trying them not by looking at others. If you run short of money while buying clothes, accessories or any other thing, you can take same day cash loans which provide required money without any credit check.

Author Bio: I am Alicia Avory from Manchester UK. I’m into Finance who had experience in writing quality guest posts. Catch me @financeport


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New Themes: Something Fishy and Blissful Blog

Another Thursday, another theme day! Today, I have the pleasure of introducing you to our two newest themes: Something Fishy and Blissful Blog!

Something Fishy

From the depths of the creative mind of our very own, wickedly-talented Caroline Moore, Something Fishy is an adventure-rich, fun and fanciful animated theme. Full of subtle details that respond as users interact with your blog, this theme will bring a smile to your face, while still providing you with all the tools you need to share your life’s adventures.

Read more about Something Fishy on the Theme Showcase, or activate it on your own site by going to Appearance -> Themes!

Looking to take a different plunge? Blissful Blog, from Blissful Themes, is perfectly designed to share your wedding day with grace and style. With delicate details and a clean look that emphasizes your photos and videos, Blissful Blog is the ideal theme for your big announcement. If you’re the one capturing or supporting the big day, it would be hard to imagine a better fit for your wedding portfolio. With full-width posts and pages for your images, and a Custom Header Image for your logo, this theme will get you started on the right foot as you jump right in to the wedding industry.

Read more about Blissful Blog on the Theme Showcase, or activate it on your own site by going to Appearance -> Themes!

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Improved Publicize

Fall is the season for changes and we’re in the spirit on! We’ve been working hard on some changes to the Publicize feature that we are happy to share with you today.

Publicize has only allowed you to connect to one account from another social network at a time. That makes it difficult if you want to post to two Twitter accounts or multiple Tumblogs. Today, we’re changing that. You are now able to connect to as many accounts at each service as you like.

Publicize can now also share connections between users of a blog, rather than needing each user to make their own connection to each social media service. When you initially make the connection, you will be asked whether you want to share it or not. If you do, all users who publish on your blog will be able to use that Publicize connection.

We’ve also updated our image upload process when you Publicize to Facebook. Your images are now uploaded at a higher quality and are uploaded into an organized album in your Facebook account when you use Publicize.

We hope you enjoy these changes as much as we do!

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New Theme: Runo Lite

We have a beautiful addition to the themes collection for you today!

Runo Lite

Designed by La&La, Runo Lite is a minimalist theme with a focus on writing. Offering multiple sidebar configurations and a notebook-esque style, this theme is as customizable as it is elegant. Whether you’re an aspiring poet, a diligent scholar, or just someone who appreciates a clean and simple presentation for their content, we think you’ll find Runo Lite a pleasure to use.

Read more about Runo Lite on the Theme Showcase, or activate it on your own site by going to Appearance -> Themes!

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New Themes: Babylog and Delicacy

Happy Thursday everybody! Today I would like to introduce you to the two latest additions to our family of themes. Let’s start first with the most adorable …

Babylog is the perfect theme for chronicling your little one’s first year (and beyond!) The playful, sweet design will take you from first smiles to first steps, and you can even customize the baby graphic to look like your own bundle of joy! Read more in the theme showcase.

Delicacy is a stylish theme perfect for food bloggers. Your image and writing will look great with Delicacy’s subtle textures and clean lines. You can also use the featured content section to help draw attention to your most delicious posts. Read more in the theme showcase.

Babylog was designed by Caroline Moore and Delicacy was designed by Aleksandra Łączek.

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Custom Colors Previews All Around

After adding colors to our Custom Design repertoire a few months ago, we decided they’re cool enough that everyone should have a chance to preview new colors before purchasing an upgrade.

Adding color to your blog makes it stand out and gives your message impact—so wrap up your work in that perfect color choice! To try before you buy, go to your blog’s Appearance → Themes page and click “Customize” or open a live preview for a free theme and then click on the “Try Now” button.

Custom Colors is designed to make it as simple as possible to update your blog’s color scheme with just a few clicks. Built with simplicity in mind, some of the features include popular color schemes that can be applied with one click, suggested colors based on the other colors in your palette, a color picker for when you have a precise color in mind, and contrast rules for accessibility and to help keep text readable.

If you’ve been using this feature already, you’ll notice that we’ve brought background patterns forward so they’re easier to apply and we’ve also added Custom Colors support for almost all of the themes in our Theme Showcase.

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Open Sans, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways.

If you’re sharp-eyed, you’ve noticed that we recently adopted Open Sans as our default typeface across

Type wonks know that Open Sans is a humanist sans-serif typeface. It’s elegant and sophisticated, yet modern. It’s beautifully legible, offers an excellent reading experience, and has a superior typographic range that includes accents, non-Latin characters, and more.

Click on the image below to see a before and after screenshot of the About Us page. The previous incarnation that uses Helvetica/Arial is on the left. Behold Open Sans, on the right:

Open Sans, designed by Steve Matteson, Type Director of Ascender Corp, isn’t just a pretty (type)face: it’s free and open source, just like WordPress! It was optimized for print, web, and mobile interfaces. We know you’ll love it as much as we do!

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Louis Vuitton The Birth of Modern Luxury: Updated Edition

Louis Vuitton Birth of Modern Luxury Louis Vuitton The Birth of Modern Luxury: Updated Edition

In November 2012, Louis Vuitton and Les Éditions de La Martinière are set to publish an updated edition of the book Louis Vuitton, The Birth of Modern Luxury, which was released in October 2005. Available in a limited edition exclusively in Louis Vuitton stores, this elegant volume traces the history of the Maison, from its creation in 1854 to the present day. The exhaustive account offers unique insight into the developments and inventions of the brand which turned travel into an “art de vivre”.

How did Louis Vuitton, which created the first modern luggage in 1854, become today’s global benchmark for luxury? This book with nearly 800 illustrations and original testimonials traces the irresistible and compelling rise of the world’s leading luxury brand. It details the evolution of a company that has always been in step with even ahead of its time, a legendary history that spans more than 150 years. In the mid-nineteenth century Louis Vuitton, the company’s founder, designed a revolutionary trunk. With a flat poplar frame covered in waterproof canvas, Vuitton’s trunk was elegant, functional, and light-weight. It was ideally suited to the new means of transport. Ine one stroke it made all previous trunks obsolete, and its success was instantaneous. As society’s elite discovered the new art of travel following the lead of the French Empress Eugénie and other monarchs, head of state, explorers, artists, and magnates the LV monogram appeared on the great ocean liners, in the Gobi Desert, and in the world’s grandest hotels. With Louis Vuitton, travel had acquired a soul.

Driven by impeccable craftsmanship and infinite creativity, the company thrived through the years, even when venturing beyond the frontiers of its traditional territory. In 1997 it expanded into fashion, and once again its success was spectacular.

From the masterpieces by Louis, Georges, Gaston-Louis Vuitton and their successors, to the current designs inspired by artistic director Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton has never ceased to surprise and enchant, and to redefine luxury.

The ten chapters have been updated so the reader is immersed deep into the heart of the brand: whether through an account of its founder’s background or by revisiting the know-how, fashion, advertising, architecture and collaboration of Louis Vuitton with the world of art, sport and culture. This edition shows that beyond all of its revolutions, the Maison has never stopped writing its own history.

Louis Vuitton Birth of Modern Luxury Open Louis Vuitton The Birth of Modern Luxury: Updated Edition

Book Specifications:

Release: November 2012
Format: 24 x 31cm
560 pages
This updated edition includes over 800 visuals
revealing the latest advertising campaigns, the
latest fashion shows and the most recent important
partnerships between Louis Vuitton and international

Limited edition presented in a box set and available in 6 languages:
French, English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Japanese
On sale exclusively in Louis Vuitton stores and on
Retail price: €140 or approx US$190

French version published with Les Éditions de La Martinière
English version published with Abrams
Spanish version published with El Viso
Japanese version published with Kawade Shobo

Images via Louis Vuitton

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How Can I Wear My Brand Name Sneakers?

People often ask me for fashion advice, I guess having worked in the fashion industry for well over 20 years does make me an expert of sorts. Still, a question asked of me drew my attention, “What type of clothes can I wear with my designer sneakers?” Actually, there is no right or wrong answer here.

While sneakers were originally designed for sports use, they are now a fashion trend and can be worn everyday or with special outfits, whether you participate in a sport or not. The right pair of designer sneakers offers great foot and back support. With deals going on all the time, they won’t add to your average credit card debt.

The History Sneakers were once only used for going to the gym, the morning jog, or used as an everyday shoe option for the kids in the family. But this is no longer the case. The truth is, sneakers are comfortable. They offer needed support and protect feet from stress and pain and are worn as an everyday shoe by people of all ages.

The Following are some Great Tips on How to Choose Everyday Designer Sneakers:

1 – Go with the Classic The classic sneaker can be worn with anything, a nice pair of trousers, a great pair of jeans, or the perfect jogging suit. When selecting the right shoe think of a Converse, or Nike lace-up in a simple neutral color.

2 – Go for the Sporty Look Those great classic or canvas sneakers will go great with those cargo pants you’ve saved for the weekend. Cargo pants come in different lengths and styles, but most work with the classic sneaker, giving you a cute but casual style.

3 –The Dress-up sneaker All the sports shoe manufacturers are coming out with trendy fashion styles for women. For instance, the Nike Greco has a cool color combination of black, pink and white, while the Air Jordan has the new Girls Fusion 9 GS which comes in coral, white and black accents. These are great options for jeans, shorts or cute sportswear fashion trends.

4 – Go With the Hightop Modern Look High-tops are also for girls and come in all sorts of feminine colors like the Nike new Dunk Hi which comes in yellow and metallic silver. Great to use with a cool pair of tights, the perfect trousers or leggings.

Wearing today’s sports shoes is about imagination and creativity. Whether you have very classic taste, or are a little more artsy in your fashion sense, you have to have at least one pair of brand name sneakers. Just use your great style and fashion sense when putting it all together, and let me know how it goes.

See you later! I’ve got to get back to the task of finding the right business credit cards for our small business to keep us going. Don’t forget to let me know of any fashion trends you come up with for using those brand name sneakers.

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