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Louis Vuitton Men’s Pre-Collection Spring/Summer 2013

LV01 Louis Vuitton Mens Pre Collection Spring/Summer 2013

The traveling wardrobe of an artist takes Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring/Summer 2013 pre-collection to the beach in the South of France with an eye to the Polynesia of Matisse. This season sees an exploration of color, worked together or balanced against neutrals. And the color shows in prints which offer a take on the Gaston Vuitton “V” logo treated like a wind blown sail in Matisse interpretations, and Louis Vuitton’s graphic Masai check in new color ways.

“I was thinking about artists, the sea, and the beach. The slim proportions feel cool and modern like the super chic South of France in the 60s. And Matisse struck me as the artist who was the brightest and boldest,” says Kim Jones, Louis Vuitton’s men’s Studio Director.

This injection of color and pattern is worked within a classic man’s boating wardrobe with the two-button, linen shawl collar blazer, light trousers to wear rolled at the cuffs, faded strip T-shirts and spare, technical nylon windbreakers. Linen shirts are sail patched in a color block mix of coral, blues, and whites and Louis Vuitton’s exclusive Liberty floral in cotton shirts and tennis caps paired with washed out carpenter’s pocket shorts and other bain de mer classics. The yarn tones, particularly the indigos for jeans, have been precisely faded to give more depth to the colors and chambray shows in pants and shorts. Even nylon takes to print in Masai check or Matisse camouflage.

This is a beach wardrobe for a man who reaches the sand from the sea and so the sailor details have a sleek, reworked quality like the warm weather pea jacket in cool, technical cotton, sleek textured boxy cardigans and knitwear in reinterpreted stripes and sleek beige leather blousons.

Accessories include new sea-toned brights for Keepall bags and the Masai check in nylon fold-away packs, revised aviator glasses with stainless steel branches, Gaston V water tech sandals, sailor loafers with tassels, and solid color saddle shoes.

LV02 Louis Vuitton Mens Pre Collection Spring/Summer 2013LV03 Louis Vuitton Mens Pre Collection Spring/Summer 2013LV04 Louis Vuitton Mens Pre Collection Spring/Summer 2013LV05 Louis Vuitton Mens Pre Collection Spring/Summer 2013LV06 Louis Vuitton Mens Pre Collection Spring/Summer 2013LV07 Louis Vuitton Mens Pre Collection Spring/Summer 2013LV08 Louis Vuitton Mens Pre Collection Spring/Summer 2013LV09 Louis Vuitton Mens Pre Collection Spring/Summer 2013LV10 Louis Vuitton Mens Pre Collection Spring/Summer 2013LV11 Louis Vuitton Mens Pre Collection Spring/Summer 2013LV12 Louis Vuitton Mens Pre Collection Spring/Summer 2013LV13 Louis Vuitton Mens Pre Collection Spring/Summer 2013LV14 Louis Vuitton Mens Pre Collection Spring/Summer 2013LV15 Louis Vuitton Mens Pre Collection Spring/Summer 2013LV16 Louis Vuitton Mens Pre Collection Spring/Summer 2013LV17 Louis Vuitton Mens Pre Collection Spring/Summer 2013LV18 Louis Vuitton Mens Pre Collection Spring/Summer 2013LV19 Louis Vuitton Mens Pre Collection Spring/Summer 2013LV20 Louis Vuitton Mens Pre Collection Spring/Summer 2013LV21 Louis Vuitton Mens Pre Collection Spring/Summer 2013LV22 Louis Vuitton Mens Pre Collection Spring/Summer 2013LV23 Louis Vuitton Mens Pre Collection Spring/Summer 2013LV24 Louis Vuitton Mens Pre Collection Spring/Summer 2013LV25 Louis Vuitton Mens Pre Collection Spring/Summer 2013LV26 Louis Vuitton Mens Pre Collection Spring/Summer 2013LV27 Louis Vuitton Mens Pre Collection Spring/Summer 2013LV28 Louis Vuitton Mens Pre Collection Spring/Summer 2013LV29 Louis Vuitton Mens Pre Collection Spring/Summer 2013LV30 Louis Vuitton Mens Pre Collection Spring/Summer 2013LV31 Louis Vuitton Mens Pre Collection Spring/Summer 2013LV32 Louis Vuitton Mens Pre Collection Spring/Summer 2013LV33 Louis Vuitton Mens Pre Collection Spring/Summer 2013LV34 Louis Vuitton Mens Pre Collection Spring/Summer 2013LV35 Louis Vuitton Mens Pre Collection Spring/Summer 2013

Images via Louis Vuitton

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Freshly Pressed: Friday Faves

We’re continually blown away by the posts published on Week after week, we discover content that’s original. Bold. Honest. The most notable posts make us stop and think.

Looking for something to read? Consider these recent posts:

Today We Mourn

Last night I got an email informing me, “you lost a follower.” That’s when I found out that Dawn Hochsprung followed me on Twitter; she followed only 70 people. I was shaken.

Many readers, from educators to parents, responded to Diane Ravitch’s post on the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. The professor, educator, and mother takes a moment here to reflect and encourage others to mourn. In the end, she writes: “We have a lot of thinking to do. I don’t have the answers. I just think it’s time to start asking the right questions.”

Coming Out Bipolar, Round 1

So I survived Round 1 of disclosure at work, but I know there are many more to come. I hope that as I slowly tell people who matter to me, they will see how much trust and vulnerability it signifies. For a perfectionist like me, it’s excruciating to reveal something so flawed behind the curtains.

At Disorderly Chickadee, “DeeDee” shares stories of her “secret life as a certifiable nutcase” and discusses topics of mental illness, ADD/ADHD, therapy, and medication management. We were struck by DeeDee’s voice and engaging storytelling in this post, in which she tells her work supervisor that she has bipolar disorder.

To America from a Teacher

Dear America,

It feels strange to hear your voice praising teachers for their selflessness, dedication, and love for their students. We’re listening to what you’re saying, but we must admit that we are listening with tilted head and quizzical eye. Why? Because we’ve become accustomed to hearing a very different voice from you.

In this letter to America in response to the Newtown school shooting, English teacher Lisa describes the nation’s collective praise for teachers over the past week as “puzzling.” She writes: “We are the same people we were last Friday morning, doing the same job we’ve diligently done since choosing our career.” She states that the brave acts of the teachers at Sandy Hook were a “natural outpouring of what they were already practicing” — a dedication of their lives to children.

The problem with 12/12/12, 12/25/12, and etc.

 I suddenly realized something. December 12, 2012 is just like any other day. They all won’t ever happen again. 

ScribblesDecember 12, 2012. It’s a special date that we’ll never see on the calendar again! True, but isn’t every day unique? Each day that comes and goes is a day to do great things and to better ourselves, right? So why is it that people choose to be more loving on Valentine’s Day, more grateful on Thanksgiving, or more kind during the holidays? Kathryn asks: “Why can’t we just be kinder and more loving period?” We appreciate the simple and positive tone of this post, and think you will as well.

To read all of the latest editorial picks on, visit Freshly Pressed. You can also tweet links you love to us @freshly_pressed.

For more inspiration, check out our writing challengesphoto challenges, and other blogging tips at the Daily Post; visit our Recommended Blogs; and browse the most popular topics in the Reader. For editorial guidelines for Freshly Pressed, read: So You Want To Be Freshly Pressed.

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Infuse your CSS with Sass and LESS

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a handy tool to separate the presentation from the content of your website — you write the content, and the CSS controls the look and formatting. CSS is great for giving your website a custom look, but it can also become complicated to maintain.

The solution to this? CSS preprocessors.

(If you’re new to CSS, you might want to stop here and check out some CSS basics. If you’re already knee-deep in selectors, read on to learn how CSS preprocessors can streamline your styling.)

Example of LESS

CSS preprocessors are extensions to CSS that make it easier to manage your site’s styles. They have features like reusable variables, selector nesting, and functions, which allow you to easily reuse styles and apply them to different selectors. Put simply, a CSS preprocessor is like a friendly robot that automatically handles all of the copying and pasting you used to have to do with your CSS.

A dropdown menu, containing three options: None, LESS, and Sass (SCSS Syntax), appears above the Publish button.

The two most popular CSS preprocessors are Sass and LESS, and they’re both available today in the CSS Editor on and the Jetpack plugin for self-hosted blogs. To use either language for your Custom CSS, just change the Preprocessor option before you save, and your Sass or LESS will automatically be compiled into CSS when it’s served to your site’s visitors.

If you’re not familiar with Sass or LESS, check out Getting Started with Sass or Using the LESS CSS Preprocessor for Smarter Style Sheets. You can ignore any instructions about installing the preprocessors or running them manually, since we handle that for you. Happy styling!

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New Themes: Book Lite and Misty Lake

Happy Theme Thursday! It’s a great day to share our two newest free themes, both designed especially for your writing (and reading) pleasure.

First off, we have Book Lite, a beautiful theme designed by Chandra Maharzan.

Book Lite

Book Lite: Home Page

With a bold custom header, stylized type, and elegantly simple design inspired by old-fashioned typopgraphy, it’s perfect for writing and is certain to inspire some of your best work. Read more about Book Lite on the Theme Showcase, or activate it on your site under Appearance → Themes

Next up, we’ve got Misty Lake, our refresh of a familiar classic, Misty Look.

Misty Lake

Misty Lake: Home Page

Misty Lake’s mellow color scheme and secondary elements on the page that slightly fade into the…mist provide a tranquil space for your readers to relax and enjoy your words and photos. Learn more about Misty Lake on the Theme Showcase, or go ahead and activate it on your site under Appearance → Themes.

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Musicians Find a Home on

If you had any doubt that makes a great online home for your band, the range of artists who are now using it to promote their work and grow their fan base should put that to rest.  New musicians are signing on every day, making the go-to for artists who want sleek, functional, engaging sites without investing a ton of money or time.

Here are just a few of the acts who are taking advantage of features like the gig calendar and embedded tracks from SoundCloud and Bandcamp.  They’re all using the Soundcheck theme, developed specifically for musicians, but they’ve used custom touches to build sites with unique looks and personality.

tae phoenix

Tae Phoenix is a Seattle-based singer-songwriter who recently released her first album, Rise. Her site takes full advantage of everything and the Soundcheck theme have to offer, with embedded audio and video, a tour calendar, her Twitter feed, links to her new album, and press mentions. She’s lightened up the basic Soundcheck color scheme with a bold header image that echoes her album cover, and her first single is front and center on the home page, ready to be heard.  Her site is polished, professional, and ready for the big time — just like her.

radical effect

Finnish DJ Radical Effect is a 180 from our Seattle singer-songwriter, and it shows. He uses his site to support the October release of his debut single and his quest to “conquer the Finnish nightlife.” A rotating selection of header images gives the site its industrial feel, while a more washed-out palette creates a chill, laid-back vibe. In addition to the music-specific features, Radical Effect also houses a blog on the site, to post news and give fans insight into his creative process.


Canadian pop-punk outfit Letterbomb proves that you’ve never too young to rock — already performing together for three years, they range in age from 14 to 18. They’ve given their site a youthful edge with a moody color scheme, the repeated use of their bulls-eye logo, and plenty of photos. Their newest track is embedded on every page, begging to be heard, and plenty of links let fans buy music and merch. And as they grow, their site can grow with them, giving them more space for music and video and helping them keep track of tour dates.

grace and sophie

Fifteen-year-old twins and Oklahoma natives Grace and Sophia chose to build the site that supports their growing careers as folk singer-songwriters. A colorful yet muted palette, capped off with custom header images and a craft-inspired background, give the site its personality. They’ve added social media sharing buttons to the main navigation bar, encouraging their fans to connect with them across a variety of platforms.

These four artists have opted for the new premium Soundcheck theme, but there are 200+ themes available on, many of which — like Oxygen (a freebie!), Shelf, and Debut — were either designed for or lend themselves well to music sites. With affordable upgrades like custom design, your band’s own URL, and plenty of storage space for your music and videos (coupled with standards, like rock-solid security, unlimited bandwith, and the world’s best Support team), making your band’s online home is a no-brainer.

Is there an act you love on Share a link in the comments!

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Louis Vuitton Pacific Place Hong Kong

2 Exterior Facade Level 2 2 Louis Vuitton Pacific Place Hong KongLevel 2 Exterior Façade

Louis Vuitton continues its journey in Hong Kong with the reopening of its store located at Pacific Place, one of the city’s most prestigious mall. Having first arrived in 1979, the Maison reaffirms its attachment to Hong Kong and its sophisticated clients by offering a real immersion in the Art of Travel by Louis Vuitton. The refined three-level, expanded store takes visitors to a discovery of the House’s universe and core values – Travel and Savoir-faire – infused in luggage, leather goods, ready-to-wear, shoes, accessories, watches and jewellery collections. It will also be the second store in Hong Kong after Landmark to welcome a Haute Maroquinerie “Made To Order” salon where elegant women will create their very own Louis Vuitton city bag.

Surprise, emotion and creation will make Louis Vuitton Pacific Place global store the ultimate fashion destination in Hong Kong. “We are very proud of the expanded Louis Vuitton store in Pacific Place. Pacific Place is a key fashion shopping destination and this expansion allows us to even better welcome our guests and showcase in the best way, the quality and variety of our products.” said Jean-Baptiste Debains, President of Louis Vuitton Asia Pacific.

1 Exterior Facade Level 2  1 Louis Vuitton Pacific Place Hong KongLevel 2 Exterior Façade

3 Exterior Facade Level 3 1 Louis Vuitton Pacific Place Hong KongLevel 3 Exterior Façade

4 Exterior Facade Level 3 2 Louis Vuitton Pacific Place Hong KongLevel 3 Exterior Façade


On level three, pass through a Monogram inspired LED-lit facade to discover the main entrance foyer and sophisticated women’s universe. In surroundings whose light colours and delicate finishes reflect Louis Vuitton’s vision of elegance and femininity, customers will be able to discover the latest ready-to-wear collections and city bags designed by Artistic Director Marc Jacobs, the full range of shoes and accessories. Rare and exceptional pieces will be unveiled, such as the Monogram Majestic line, combining precious skins and the iconic Monogram pattern, anc the Alma BB city bag – reinterpreting a 30′s design – in a large palette of exotic leathers.

11 Staircase Louis Vuitton Pacific Place Hong KongStaircase

13 Womens Universe Louis Vuitton Pacific Place Hong KongWomen’s Universe

14 Womens ReadyToWear1 Louis Vuitton Pacific Place Hong KongWomen’s Ready-to-Wear

15 Womens ReadyToWear2 Louis Vuitton Pacific Place Hong KongWomen’s Ready-to-Wear

16 Womens Leather Goods Louis Vuitton Pacific Place Hong KongWomen’s Leather Goods

17 Womens Accessories Louis Vuitton Pacific Place Hong KongWomen’s Accessories

18 Womens Shoes Louis Vuitton Pacific Place Hong KongWomen’s Shoes

19 High End Wall Louis Vuitton Pacific Place Hong KongHigh-End Wall

12 Watch Jewellery Louis Vuitton Pacific Place Hong KongWatches and Jewellery

Also on Level Three, a semi-private area allows visitors to explore the startling sophistication of Louis Vuitton’s watches and jewellery ranges, from the House’s Swiss-made Haute Horlogerie watches to its signature Empreinte, Monogram and Cœr jewellery collections. To celebrate the opening of the Pacific Place store, Haute Joaillerie collections – including L’Ame du Voyage, La Malle au Tresor and Les Ardentes – have been brought from the Place Vendome Haute Joaillerie store in Paris and will be showcased for a limited time. They will be accompanied by the remarkable Les Ardentes Disc Watch and Twilight Vendome Speedy diamond-paved watch.


The marble staircase, under the “dandelion” light fixture, leads to Level Four’s exclusive “Made to Order” Salon, a private space in which clients will be able to create their very own Louis Vuitton bag. Here, they will receive a unique experience to first select from five different shapes; two most notable are the Lockit, originally designed in 1958 and the Milaris, a newly created shape. They then choose from eight types of leather, twenty-six colours and two finishes for their bag, before their uniquely personalized bag is made to order in the House’s workshops in Asnieres. This exclusive service is available in Hong Kong in both Pacific Place and Landmark store.

20 Made To Order Salon Louis Vuitton Pacific Place Hong KongHaute Maroquinerie Salon

21 Level 4 Animation Space Louis Vuitton Pacific Place Hong KongLevel 4 Animation Space

On the same level is an animation space in which Louis Vuitton will hold surprising set ups and fashion stories, beginning with a cruise collection transversal display, making Pacific Place store the ultimate fashion destination. It can be directly accessed on Level Four through a 16-metre-long Monogram pattern LED-lit facade.


The Louis Vuitton men’s universe can be accessed instore or from the mall through the LED-light flooded Damier pattern facade. The space offers the House’s range of modern, innovative ready-to-wear for men, designed by Kim Jones, Men’s Style Director, in the spirit of adventure that Louis Vuitton has embodied since its creation in 1854. An exceptional jacket in alligator from the latest Fall-Winter show will be available.

Founced in 1854, Louis Vuitton perpetuates an unrivaled level of craftsmanship in the House’s workshops in Asnieres, near Paris, fulfilling customers’ desires and needs thanks to the special order service. Wine and Whisky Trunks will be showcased in the store, highlighting this vibrant heritage and witnessing a French art-de-vivre.

5 Mens Universe Louis Vuitton Pacific Place Hong KongMen’s Universe

6 Mens ReadyToWear1 Louis Vuitton Pacific Place Hong KongMen’s Ready-To-Wear

7 Mens ReadyToWear 2 Louis Vuitton Pacific Place Hong KongMen’s Ready-To-Wear

8 Mens Leather Goods Louis Vuitton Pacific Place Hong KongMen’s Leather Goods

9 Mens Shoes Louis Vuitton Pacific Place Hong KongMen’s Shoes

10 Luggage Universe Louis Vuitton Pacific Place Hong KongLuggage Universe

On a wall entirely dedicated to the Art of Travel, visitors will discover a selection of the House’s luggage collection. This includes classic trunks, Alzer suitcases, hat boxes, Pegase Trolleys and iconic Keepall bags.

Alongside a selection of the House’s made-to-order and luggage collection, customers will be delighted to browse through Louis Vuitton’s shoes collection with an extensive selection of high quality calf and exotic leather shoes, from business to causal, evening to sporty. Every Louis Vuitton shoe is the result of at least 150 separate operations, from the stitching of the upper, through the assembly of the shoe on the last at the shoe workshop in Fiesso d’Artico, demonstrating the House’s unique tradition of craftsmanship and also its reputation for innovative cesign.

Louis Vuitton Pacific Place store is located at Shop 236, Level 2, Shop 351, Level 3 and Shop 405, Level 4, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Hong Kong. Store hours 10:00 AM to 8:30 PM from Sunday to Thursday, 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM on Friday to Saturday.

Images via Louis Vuitton

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Betsey Johnson pieces are definitely worth the splurge!

I know it’s been a while since I last posted a shopping site for accessories here! But, As promise I’ll continue sharing good shopping sites. So Good news is , I found a cool & pretty new shop in our town. ShopAccessories, it is! I fell in love with their store at first glance.. and I love it now even more. I tell you, I’ve been shopping there for 3x already, Hoho=)) Their shop sells authentic fashionable and unique accessories including Betsey Johnson. That’s right! Betsey Johnson.

Betsey Johnson is definitely my favorite designer, she’s very inspiring and creative designer. Seriously, I have always admired Betsey, she has the cutest, funkiest and unique lines from bags, accessories, dress and most esp her Jewelry line; which is filled with #trendy , #flirty , #unique #funky #cool and #beautiful pieces. I have quite a few jewelries that I bought in the past years back in the U.S and they were my favorites to wear . I always get compliments every time I wear them! So I was more than excited when I found this shop. Finally, Betsey Johnson is here. Lol!

Of course! I splurged while I can . I stalked at the clearance rack as they are having a good deals. Well y’ll know me when it comes to Shopping. There, I scored a pair of mismatched earrings , set rings, and fashion earrings. Oh they’re the cutest!

Here’s my recent purchased for you to see:

Betsey Johnson Jewelry


Korean Retro Fashion Dragonfly 3circle design ring (160php)
Betsey Johnson’s cupcake charm Bracelet Alloy, Pearl, Enamel (300php) 
Betsey Johnson’s Asymmetric Queen earrings Alloy & Rhinestones (280php)
Lil star fashion earring Alloy & Rhinestones (140php)

What I love about this shop is the “friendly” owner. She always give me discount and helped me out to pick dorbs items heh! Their shop is located at City Square, Magsaysay Drive Olongapo City. You can visit their online shop here at ShopAccessories . I’m sure you’ll love it!


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Personalize Your Site with Custom Colors

Last month, we talked about how you can personalize your online home with a custom domain. Another way to customize your site? Colors. Bold, rich, bright colors. And you’re in luck! With a Custom Design upgrade, you can select the colors for your site, from ready-made color palettes to your own handpicked combinations.

To get a feel for how you can update your site’s color scheme, let’s take a look at a few blogs on using Custom Colors:

Jennie Creates

Jennie Creates

Jennie Creates

How did you decide on this color palette and background image for Jennie Creates?

Jennie Creates color paletteI chose this particular palette because the combination of red and teal is pleasing to the eye, and with the punch of orange, it’s even better. The cream color serves as a nice buffer against the bold colors, and brown is a great color choice for text. Black is boring and blue feels sterile, but brown is warm, sharp, and still readable. My background pattern gives me a desired “stained glass” effect. It’s busy, but not distracting, which is just what I wanted to complement the white space.

Do you have tips for users considering the Custom Colors feature?

If you aren’t able to paint the walls of your home in your favorite colors, at least put those colors on your blog. I’d encourage any serious blogger to customize her blog to fit her personality. It reflects the mood of your blog, and the time of year or season of life you’re in. The Custom Colors feature guides you through recommended color options so you don’t wind up with shades that don’t match. You can go bold without going nuts.

Pixi Wishes and Forehead Kisses

Pixi Wishes and Forehead Kisses

Pixi Wishes and Forehead Kisses

How did you decide on this color palette and background image for Pixi Wishes and Forehead Kisses?

Pixi Wishes color paletteThe inspiration behind my color scheme came from a photograph from a fashion shoot in a magazine, where the photographer used pink smoke bombs. I played around with watercolor and smoke brushes in Photoshop to find the shades of pink I liked, which became the foundation for my custom header. Layering the brush imprints created darker and lighter areas, so I used the eyedropper tool to extract some of the darker shades and created mock palettes from which I chose the shade for my social media icons. I pair these shades of pink with black text — which make my titles and headings visible — and a white background, which prevents the overall design from being distracting and allows my posts to be the focus.

Do you have tips for users considering the Custom Colors feature?

Find inspiration from designs you love, whether on blogs, photographs, illustrations, or book and magazine layouts. Create mock color palettes and don’t be afraid to try various color schemes, patterns, and layouts. If you don’t like something, WordPress allows you to change it easily.

Don’t have too specific of an idea of how you want things to look, as great ideas often come from tangents.

Nishita’s Rants and Raves

Nishita's Rants and Raves

Nishita’s Rants and Raves

How did you decide on this color palette and background image for Nishita’s Rants and Raves?

Nishita color paletteI did a couple of trials with other custom color and background options before I decided on this current look. I am bad at coordinating colors, but the Custom Colors feature allowed me to choose from a palette of colors. Once I chose this palette, I saw and fell in love with a purplish background that appeared as an option. I love the rich color and detail in my pattern.

Do you have tips for users considering the Custom Colors feature?

The Custom Design package, which includes Custom Colors, is worth the upgrade. It’s cool to tweak your blog to look just the way you want. The Custom Colors feature is easy and intuitive: you change the colors, then preview. If you don’t like it, you change it again. It’s great for non-designers. I could tweak the CSS to make these changes — which is also part of the Custom Design upgrade — but that’s more cumbersome for me. So, the Custom Colors feature makes this aspect of customization easy.

I’ve noticed not all themes work as well with this feature, such as more ”fixed-look” themes like Something Fishy, The Great Adventure, or A Simpler Time. Also, patterned backgrounds don’t suit themes that “absorb the background” in the post text (such as Coraline). In my opinion, solid, white, or black backgrounds work best for these.

Preview Colors on Your Site

Want to try the Custom Colors feature? You can preview colors, right in your dashboard, before purchasing the Custom Design upgrade:

  • Go to Appearance → Themes.
  • Click the Customize button for your current theme or Live Preview for another theme.
  • Launch the Customizer by hovering over the black bar on the right, then click on Colors & Backgrounds.

For more details, visit our Custom Colors support page, Custom Design support page, and the CSS Customization ForumOr, if you’re ready to add splashes of color to your site, visit the Custom Design upgrade page.

We’ll continue to highlight more upgrades in the Store, so stay tuned.

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Your Unique Visitors

For all of you stats junkies — you know who you are! — we’ve added some holiday cheer to your Stats Page. In addition to the number of views your site receives, you can now keep tabs on how many unique visitors come to your site, all on a single, easy-to-read chart.

A visitor is a unique user or browser/device that views one or more posts or pages on your site. When your friend checks out your site from her laptop and then again from her phone, that’s two visits.  If she clicks on four different posts, that’s four views.

At a glance, you can now get a feel for how these numbers relate:

Hover over a day, week, or month in the chart to see how many views and unique visitors you had. To make this data even more useful, we do the math for you & tell you what your approximate number of views per visitor is. If many of your readers view a lot of your content, that’ll be a high number; if each reader only checks out a few posts, it’ll be lower.

There isn’t an ideal number of views per visitor

The ratio of views to visitors will be different for different types of sites, depending on the nature of your content, where your traffic comes from, how frequently you publish new content, and a host of other variables. You might also notice that weekly unique visitors is less than the sum of daily visitors for the same week. This occurs when the same person visits your site multiple times during the week — likewise for monthly visitors, which may be less than sum of weekly.

Right now, your visitor counts are slightly delayed. This new metric depends on complex, computationally intensive calculations.  We’re continually fine-tuning the mechanisms we use to make them as quick and accurate as possible.

For those of you with self-hosted sites, Jetpack users haven’t been left out in the cold! Browse to your Stats Page and check out your new metrics.

Happy analyzing!

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Manage Slideshows and Galleries — All in One Place

We’re excited to announce more updates to the Media Manager, which makes it even easier to upload and manage media on your site.

Insert a Slideshow in the Media Manager

You can now enable a slideshow in the Media Manager. In Edit Gallery mode, you’ll see a list of options on the right under “Gallery Settings.” Click on the dropdown menu next to “Type” to see a new list of gallery types, including a Slideshow option at the bottom:

Gallery Settings

Similar to the gallery feature, the slideshow option allows you to include specific images. You can reorder the images by dragging and dropping thumbnails, randomize the order by checkmarking the box next to “Random Order,” and reverse the order of images by clicking the “Reverse Order” button at the top. You can also insert multiple slideshows into a post or page, just as you’re able to do with galleries.

Note that the “Link To” and “Columns” options do not apply to slideshows.

The old [slideshow] shortcode will continue to work, but to access all these new features — such as ordering, excluding certain images, etc. — you would need to update your shortcode to use the new [gallery type="slideshow"] format.

Select Gallery Layouts Easily

You’ll also notice you can now set the type of gallery in the Media Manager, in the same dropdown menu mentioned above. In addition to Slideshow, you’ll see a list of gallery layout options: Default, Tiles, Square Tiles, and Circles. Note that Tiles is the option for the rectangular layout, and Square Tiles is the option for the square layout. (As mentioned in our recent galleries post, the  thumbnail grid layout is the default option for all sites.)

Using the various gallery shortcodes to display your galleries still works as well.

These latest updates make it even easier for you to manage your media — all in one place! For further information, please visit our slideshow and gallery support pages.

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