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Louis Vuitton Cabinet d’Ecriture at Saint-Germain-des-Prés

01 LV St Ger Cabinet Ecriture 12 2012 Louis Vuitton Cabinet dEcriture at Saint Germain des Prés

On December 14th 2012, Louis Vuitton opened the doors of its first Cabinet d’Ecriture (Writing Cabinet) at 6, Place Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Paris just a few steps from its existing historic store, inaugurated in 1995.

The Cabinet d’Ecriture will open in this legendary and world-famous district in Paris for one year. It will give visitors the opportunity to wander into the heart of the Louis Vuitton World of Writing and delve into the art of correspondence, handed down over the years through the House’s traditions and famous heritage.

The Cabinet will also be a place to meet exceptional artists and craftsmen, a chance to enjoy a cultural, emotional and profoundly modern experience.


Louis Vuitton World of Writing

Cabinet dEcriture Small Louis Vuitton Cabinet dEcriture at Saint Germain des Prés

This new field for Louis Vuitton is an expression of poetry, modernity and sophistication; it is a celebration of the House’s unique heritage, which binds it to the art of writing through its founders, renowned customers, travelling authors who embarking on long voyages, enjoyed the emblematic travelgoods.

Gaston-Louis Vuitton, grandson of Louis Vuitton, was as passionate about reading and writing as his father and grandfather, and was an insatiable bibliophile and collector. His personal library, bookplates and wide-ranging publications bear witness to this ardent love of books. His taste for typography even led him to found and preside over two publishing houses, a tradition that Louis Vuitton Publishing still perpetuates today.

Through its writing instruments, exclusive inks, crystal inkwells, stationery cases, trunks and collection boxes, as well as its paper collections, the World of Writing interplays the art of correspondence and the creativity of Louis Vuitton. This is a game of colours, textures and materials, where every element plays its part in the messages and the pleasure of writing.

The World of Writing is resolutely modern and innovative, as demonstrated by the exclusive patents registered for the writing instruments over the decades. It reinvents an art de vivre steeped in refinement and nobility, in which personalisation plays a significant role, like bibliophiles who, on the acquisition of a new book, hasten to mark their initials or monogram inside its cover.


Cabinet d’Ecriture

Inspired by the cabinets of curiosities from the 17th and 18th centuries, as well as 19th century libraries, this Cabinet d’Ecriture is presented as an English garden: it issues an invitation to discovery through variations on the different themes in the World of Writing.

As well as discovering elegant products and marvelling over the historic pieces from its heritage, the Cabinet d’Ecriture offers visitors an experience of contemplation and emotion. The space fits perfectly with the atmosphere and unique Saint-Germain area, which is infused with the passionate and animated discussions that have been held in the surrounding cafés across the decades.

Restored furniture also adds to the warmth and intimacy of the setting. An early 20th-century printer’s cabinet showcases several collections of writing instruments, while a writing desk from the late 19th century is the perfect home for small leather goods, stationery collections and writing instruments. A backlit ink bar incorporated into a jewellery unit from the early 20th century enhances the twelve ink colours created exclusively by Louis Vuitton.

All of these elements contribute to the enchantment, intimacy and comfort of the new cabinet. As the descendent of the writing room that Louis Vuitton set aside for customers in the Champs-Elysées store in 1914, the Saint-Germain-des-Prés Cabinet d’Ecriture is steeped in history, an invitation to escape and enjoy a peaceful pause. This Cabinet will also be a meeting place for international artists, calligraphers, experts and craftsmen: demonstrations of craftsmanship will be given by trunk-makers, leather craftsmen, bookbinders, papermakers, sheath-makers, and typographers will take place regularly.

03 LV St Ger Cabinet Ecriture 12 2012 Louis Vuitton Cabinet dEcriture at Saint Germain des Prés04 LV St Ger Cabinet Ecriture 12 2012 Louis Vuitton Cabinet dEcriture at Saint Germain des Prés05 LV St Ger Cabinet Ecriture 12 2012 Louis Vuitton Cabinet dEcriture at Saint Germain des Prés06 LV St Ger Cabinet Ecriture 12 2012 Louis Vuitton Cabinet dEcriture at Saint Germain des Prés09 LV St Ger Cabinet Ecriture 12 2012 Louis Vuitton Cabinet dEcriture at Saint Germain des Prés10 LV St Ger Cabinet Ecriture 12 2012 Louis Vuitton Cabinet dEcriture at Saint Germain des Prés11 LV St Ger Cabinet Ecriture 12 2012 Louis Vuitton Cabinet dEcriture at Saint Germain des Prés12 LV St Ger Cabinet Ecriture 12 2012 Louis Vuitton Cabinet dEcriture at Saint Germain des Prés13 LV St Ger Cabinet Ecriture 12 2012 Louis Vuitton Cabinet dEcriture at Saint Germain des Prés14 LV St Ger Cabinet Ecriture 12 2012 Louis Vuitton Cabinet dEcriture at Saint Germain des Prés15 LV St Ger Cabinet Ecriture 12 2012 Louis Vuitton Cabinet dEcriture at Saint Germain des Prés

Images via Louis Vuitton

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Work In Style with the Pretty Red Seminar Bag

For a career oriented woman such as myself, I choose to stay organized and always on the go. Having everything that I need at work in one place is very important to me. However with the demands at work, most often than not, our sense of style gets jeopardized. Tons of paper work calls for a tumultuous search when you got an oversized bag like I once had.

Thanks to, home to a hundred marketing products that you can think of, I have found my latest and fabulous find. The ever reliable Seminar Bag. This is one of the many promotional toiletry bags showcased in online shop. I just bought mine a week ago, a Red Seminar Bag and I couldn’t be happier. All my documents are set in place, filed neatly and I don’t have to break a sweat going over each and every page.

Seminag Bag - promotional product

The Seminar Bag is made from 300d polyester material, complete with a smooth handle for that perfect grip and zipped front pocket so you are sure it is secured. These products design is customized in such a way that is built to last and is just about the right size. It comes in many colors such as Black, Grey, Blue, Orange, Red and Lime. The colors are so vibrant and refreshing that its best fit to use in every season and is very affordable. You definitely are sure to look fashionably chic — so go ahead and bag that deal!!

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Walk confidently with fashion and elegance

Fitflop provides quality and style that feet deserves. These are two very important factors that buyer takes in consideration for a comfortable and fashionable walking. These phenomenal footwears are in town ready for a grab and a wear. Walk confidently with fashion and elegance. The best quality are with FitFlop footwears. Breathtaking promos awaits everyone for a shopping you deserve. This website also features the most desirable footwears and provides an affordable price. The designs are fabulous and unique in every detail.

Fit Flop Kids , Womens , Men Style

Check out the forms and class of highly recommended slippers, shoes, cloggs, sandals, boots, and a variety of men and kids footwears. Only the best value are in store for fitflop footwear products. Convenient and relax toes is what you will ever experience wearing fitflop footwears. Now that it’s out of the market, you can have as many as you can according to class and design. The whole family will enjoy the hottest remarkable footwears. Advance in astonishing kind that you love. Shopping is never been easy. Check out Fitflop website and you can readily avail with your top picks. The biggest ranges of Fitflop in the UK is within reach with free next day deliveries and exchanges. Amazing product discounts and more…

The brand new 2013 Fitflop styles, plus huge Fitflop sale are coming your way!

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Be striking this summer with stylish and flattering swimwear

If you’ve been a loyal follower here , you know for sure I’m a big fan of swimwear. One of my favorite things to do in summer is spend time in the beach but I always had a hard time finding the perfect swimsuit! There are too many online lingerie stores online, and the biggest challenge for me in summer seaon is to find the right place to shop to get the swim style that will suit my little body and the quality of course! So during my searches for a swimsuit to wear for our up coming Boracay trip on March 22, I am so thrilled I found , I love the beautiful layout with the nice pictures that blow up in zoom and everything is so easy to find. I spend couple of hours browsing the sites and I was amazed with the huge selection of fabulous designer lingerie and stylish swim wear they offer. I was looking for a nice under-wired bikini with stylish design using the search box. I typed in my size and it gave me a great list and I liked how it showed the matching pants to go with it.

Here is my picks..

Designer Lingerie , stylish swimsuit Stylish and flattering swimsuit

Camille Pink Floral Print Halter Neck Ladies Bikini. I absolutely adore the striking designs, pink and purple is just perfect! This Bikini Top is under-wired for maximum support, moulded for maximum cleavage and also has adjustable straps for a perfect fit. I’d love to go with a high leg bikini brief in purple with a vibrant pink and purple floral print waist frill. This swimsuit is not only flattering and comfy but also great value for money.

Or If you are a little conservative like me, you can choose a matching Bikini Shorts to go with your top.

Stylish and flattering swimsuit

If you are person who doesn’t want to show too much skin or not loving your bottom but still want to look sexy – you can go with Camille Womens Floral Swimwear Ladies Bandeau Tankini which have features lightly padded cups for comfort and support. Loved this Bandeau tankini so much !

Stylish and flattering swimsuit Stylish and flattering swimsuit

It is so hard to pick just one with so many fabulous style. I think I’m getting carried away! :) Anyway ladies, if you are looking for a great quality, stylish and flattering swimwear. I would highly recommend checking out , the site will help you find your ideal swimsuit you can feel great in and have it delivered right to your door. Nothing beats that, right?

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Just Ballerinas – A guaranteed hit for ladies with a fashionable sense

One of the classic designs for footwear, that has always been a standout for women from all walks of life, is the ballet pumps. What better way to collaborate style and comfort than to own a pair of these dolly shoes from one of the fast rising footwear outlet online, and that is

Ballet Pumps Shoes - Footwear Outlet Ballet Pumps Shoes - Footwear Outlet

Among the many brands that are featured in the website is “Just Ballerinas”. This is one of the favorite women shoe brands which showcases a personal pick, the exquisite CAMOSCIO LIGHT TAN – GLASS CAMEL ballet pumps. It has a mixture of caramel soft suede leather, with a chic cut of elegance and a beautifully rounded shaped camel toe cap. This design is finished with a tie bow that exudes the classic allure of the ballet pumps which comes in many sizes. Its upper, inside and outer sole is made from 100% pure leather, so you know these pretty shoes are made from the finest materials and are built to last. These dolly shoes also have soft, padded cushions to protect the soles of your weary feet. Thus it is amazingly light to carry and fits perfectly well. And all these sweet features for a very affordable price tag.

Brand Boudoir

The CAMOSCIO LIGHT TAN – GLASS CAMEL ballet pumps is a must-have for people on the go. It’s best paired with any casual wear that you feel most comfortable in. For Summer or Spring, it’s a guaranteed hit for ladies with a fashionable sense. You may wear it with your blue jeans or with your sun dress and still have that chic look without sacrificing your comfort. It is definitely a smart buy for the women of today. Shop at Brand Boudoir with many of  hottest styles at fantastic prices from the comfort of your own home.

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Betsey Johnson makes any outfit extra fabulous!

Hi Lovelies! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! It’s been a while since I last visited my favorite shop at City Square so I decided to go shopping and spoil myself something as a treat from my Bubblews’s bank. It’s no secret I love all things Betsey so whenever I’m in the mood for jewelry shopping I always pop in ShopAccessories scouring the sales rack. Yes! I’m a Betsey fan- like die hard. Haha! I guess you probably know that already if you’re a loyal reader of my blog. I just love love love BJ line! I would have to say that 85% of my accessories is Betsey Johnson. Betsey designs are all to die from dresses, bags and jewelry line, as it is always filled with unique , flirty , bright , sexy and over-the-top pieces.

I especially love her bracelets and mismatched earrings. I will throw a Betsey Johnson bracelets on with a pair of short , a shirt and my favorite flats for a day of shopping and it makes my outfit extra fabulous and remarkable. Tbh, I constantly get compliments on my BJ accessories every time I go out ! Betsey Johnson accessories definitely turns any dull outfit into delicious.

I know Betsey Johnson is a little too expensive but they are sooo worth it! The designs are always screaming and they are perfect to wear throughout any occasions!

Here’s my new love bracelets.. .

Betsey Johnson JewelryBetsey Johnson’s Army heart Theme charm Bracelet $10 / 400php
This bracelet is stunning! The big army hearts got me, which give this bracelet just the glam perfect look! Love it!

Betsey Johnson’s Cute Heart crystal Jewelry Beads Bracelet $7 / 320php
I love the cuteness and simplicity of this one..

Juicy Couture Elegant Bangle $9 / 350php
This bangle bracelet is a bit small, perfectly made just for me so of course I had to have it! :)

That’s all for today! Thanks for reading and scrolling , will model them later. Heh! :)

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Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2013 Menswear Show Backstage Spy

A collection is often an actual journey for us; it comprises what you take with you and what you bring back both physically and mentally from the experience,” explains Kim Jones, Louis Vuitton’s Men’s Studio and Style Director.

The Louis Vuitton man is a journeying man. He carries with him all the necessities for his voyage, or what one would call ‘travelling tools’.

In this video, we follow the new appearance of a man’s bag, the large grained Lockit Voyage. It moves from street to car, from passageway to the Grand Palais.

From an unknown destination, this journeying bag grants us access all the way up to the magic of the mountain Kingdom of Bhutan, this year’s inspiration behind the Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2013 Menswear collection. The Lockit Voyage symbolises here this confluent movement from past to present, tech and tradition and journey from one country to another. The mens’ silhouettes advance from business attire to gentleman climber. And we follow with the eye of the detective to find out what will happen next…

Images via Louis Vuitton

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Louis Vuitton World of Writing

Lecriture est un voyage Louis Vuitton World of Writing

The grandson of Louis Vuitton and a devotee of reading and writing like his father and grandfather before him, Gaston-Louis Vuitton was an insatiable book lover and collector. His personal library, his bookplate and his publications reflect that passion for books, while his desire for typography led him to found and preside over two bibliophile societies, a tradition that the Éditions Louis Vuitton still perpetuate today. Armed with this inherited passion, the House of Louis Vuitton invites you on a new journey: to discover the Louis Vuitton Writing Universe.

A platform for poetry, modernity and sophistication, this new departure celebrates the unique Louis Vuitton heritage through its founders, its famous clients, long-distance travel writers and its iconic creations. Whether it’s Ernest Hemingway’s trunk that was found to contain his blackened notebooks from his youthful years in Saint-Germain-des-Prés or the desk-trunk belonging to the great explorer Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza with its secret compartment containing a confidential report, the Writing Universe is an invitation to share stories that are packed with excitement and symbols.

Louis Vuitton DOSSIER DE PRESSE GB 5 Louis Vuitton World of Writing

Resolutely modern and innovative, as the exclusive patent for the writing instruments shows, the Writing Universe revisits an art of living based on sophistication and grandeur – with personalisation in particular at its heart – to wit, the bibliophiles who rush to inscribe a new book with their initials or monogram almost as soon as they acquire it.

Through its writing implements, exclusive inks, crystal inkwells, writing sets, trunks, and collectors’ cases as well as its collections of bespoke stationery, the Writing Universe juxtaposes the codes of the art of correspondence with those of the House of Louis Vuitton. Combinations of colour, texture and materials – everything has a part to play in the message and pleasure of writing.

Constructed like an English country garden just waiting to be explored, item by enchanting item, the various themes of Writing according to Louis Vuitton, the Cabinets d’Écriture, the settings of our collections, are at the same time both cultural venues and meeting places, where historic pieces stand alongside superlative products, travel companions and lifelong companions, not far from those who created them: whether these be craftsmen, artists or clients…

These are just a few of the stopovers proposed by Louis Vuitton label in the Writing Universe. It’s up to you to pen your journey…

Louis Vuitton DOSSIER DE PRESSE GB 21 Louis Vuitton World of WritingLouis Vuitton DOSSIER DE PRESSE GB 29 Louis Vuitton World of WritingLouis Vuitton DOSSIER DE PRESSE GB 36 Louis Vuitton World of Writing



For Louis Vuitton, innovation is a journey. As a guarantee of the excellence of each item, every product making its entrance into the world of Louis Vuitton creations is subjected to months of research and development. A recently-patented fountain pen brings the enchantment back to writing, that age-old social grace, by imbuing it with all the qualities of avant-garde modernity. Packed with technological wizardry, this fountain pen will not leak during a flight, enabling long-distance travellers to enjoy the delights of writing above the clouds. An ingenious system effectively prevents any leaks in extreme conditions, avoiding the annoying experience of a stained shirt or bag and ensuring instant ink flow. The honing of the iridium tip, a manual operation entrusted to the precision of a craftsman, ensures the pen gliding perfectly smoothly over the paper, bringing the pleasure back to writing. High-tech at the service of stylishness, for this special item that delivers a delightful experience at any time of use… a vision of joy!

Louis Vuitton Crystal Inkwell Louis Vuitton World of WritingLouis Vuitton Crystal Inkwell in Gold, Platinum

Louis Vuitton Pens Louis Vuitton World of WritingLouis Vuitton Alligator Fountain Pens, Graphite Ballpoint Pen, Palladium Rollerball Pen

The embodiment of technical innovation fostering the spirit of travel, Louis Vuitton presents an exclusive patent on its fountain pens. Inventiveness and performance: this patent enables the pen’s owner to travel safe without fearing that it will leak – even in the air – making it a reliable lifelong companion.



Writing to travel, tracing the words that conjure up dreams, placing them on the delicate grain of a white sheet of paper at the start of a long-distance tour of the shores of the imagination. Hastily scribbled notes inscribed on the traveller’s notebook, sentences lovingly elaborated in the quest for perfection, poetic resonance patiently conceived in the silence of creation: writing traces the route towards ever unexplored lands. A mysterious opening to another world, every character is an invitation to adventure. Travelling companion, communicator of feelings, magic formula for happiness: writing makes the world go round.

Louis Vuitton Travel Kit Louis Vuitton World of WritingLouis Vuitton Gold Rollerball Pen, Alligator Pen Case in Taupe, Damier Paper GM in Blue, Monogram Writing Folder PM

Designed to be items on the move, pen cases, writing sets, collectors’ notebooks and trunks – all the writing products embody the spirit of travel and meet the requirements of modern mobility. The poetic Arabic calligraphy on the trunk, the softness of Japanese paper, and the beauty of the writing set are all just so many invitations to travel.


The Joy of Writing

The light stroke of pen on white paper, the smell of blue ink, the velvety softness of the blotter and the light touch of a hand racing to relate far-away events… Writing is an intimate act bringing together its rituals, its codes and its language. Each object evokes a world where the shade and scent of the paper, the colour of the ink, and the shape and size of the envelope reveal the feelings hidden behind the words like messages preceding the message. In the time it takes to write a letter, the balance of a pen, the fineness of a nib and the thickness of a line then become the precious instruments of a subtle and delicate art for its own sake. This art of living, a shared treasure amongst the initiated, perpetuates the myths that nurture the greatest cultures; legend is transcribed for an ever renewed joy of writing.

Louis Vuitton Inks Louis Vuitton World of WritingLouis Vuitton Inks in Rose Espiègle (Impish Pink), Violet Malicieux (Mischievous Purple), Or Audacieux (Bold Gold)

Louis Vuitton Calf Leather Notebooks Louis Vuitton World of WritingLouis Vuitton Calf Leather Notebook in Navy Blue, Purple, Red

Through its twelve exclusive ink colours, its six notepad calf notebooks, its thirteen alligator colours along with the personalisation on its pens, the Writing Universe is a veritable stroke of colour and poetry. It all adds up to the enchantment and joy of writing.



The stamp of words, the stamp of signs, the stamp of yourself… to be inscribed on the object of your dreams as though definitively sealing a story of passion. From the very outset, the private histories of its clients have been intertwined with that of the House of Louis Vuitton. From special orders for typing to Mon Monogram, each accessory can sport its own colours. Because writing is an intimate affair that emanates from the very depths of one’s being and turns into the expression of objects and sentiments, Louis Vuitton offers the possibility of personalising every element of his Écriture collections.

Louis Vuitton Travel Kit 2 Louis Vuitton World of WritingLouis Vuitton Alligator Fountain Pen in Burgundy, Taïga Pen Case in Grey, Taïga Document Holder PM in Grey

Louis Vuitton Stationery1 Louis Vuitton World of WritingLouis Vuitton Paper GM in White, Envelope MM in White

Selecting the casing for your writing instrument from the 13 alligator colour schemes, matching your writing set to your pen using the Made-to-Order service, personalizing your notebooks and document holders with the Mon Monogram offer, signing your correspondence alongside your initials, your name in one of seven exclusive typographies created from the Louis Vuitton archives: these are just a few of the unique services that make up the intimate and personal experience within the Louis Vuitton’s Writing Universe.


Art of Living

Like all their creations, The Writing Universe – a new Louis Vuitton departure – unites ancestral technical performance and expertise to offer devotees the joy of times remembered. This letter-writing tradition, passed down through the ages from the 16th century, has given us the passion for detail, the love of a unique personal creation where the grain of a piece of paper, the colour of an ink, or the course of a nib unite with sentences providing the intimate and secret sense of a missive that must be decoded veritable art of living made all the more so by Louis Vuitton, for whom, far from conflicting with one another, handwriting and digital writing complement each other. Each in its own time, to each its own use, to each its own codes. Through its sophistication and the stylishness of its products, the Louis Vuitton Writing Universe recreates an exclusive art of living to enable everyone to write about special times and share precious moments.

Louis Vuitton Travel Kit 3 Louis Vuitton World of WritingLouis Vuitton Alligator Fountain Pen in Navy Blue, Alligator Pen Case in Navy Blue, Alligator Writing Folder in Navy Blue, Envelope MM in Blue

Through its collections of writing instruments, its exclusive inks, its crystal inkwells, its collections of paper, its writing sets and its trunks, the Louis Vuitton Writing Universe puts together a resolutely modern art of living, heir to a long tradition of history and heritage within the House.

Images via Louis Vuitton

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The Trunk

The Trunk The Trunkleft: The Trunk book cover, right: Gaston-Louis Vuitton’s personal notebooks

In March 2013, Louis Vuitton and French publisher Gallimard will release The Trunk, an anthology of short stories presented as a literary game. For over a century, the Louis Vuitton family home in Asnières has been filled with the whispering of extraordinary stories of trunks, luggage and travel. In the early 1900s, Gaston-Louis Vuitton, the third of that name to build the famous trunk-maker’s reputation, and a passionate collector, constituted fabulous archives. Forty years later, 11 French writers have been given privileged access to this treasure. They have explored old photographs, newspaper cuttings, anecdotes and outrageous examples of customer relations. Here the leading Parisian writers of our time sing in praises of trunks and their travels. These lucky time travellers are: Éliette Abécassis, Fabienne Berthaud, Marie Darrieussecq, Virginie Despentes, Nicolas d’Estienne d’Orves, Patrick Eudeline, David Foenkinos, Philippe Jaenada, Yann Moix, Véronique Ovaldé, and Bruno de Stabenrath.

Gaston-Louis Vuitton had a secret passion. He would comb the international press for articles about the object that encapsulated the fantasies of his time: the trunk. For decades these very cuttings have lain dormant in a trunk.The paper these clippings are printed on has yellowed. The ink has gone a touch dry. The period notebooks are filled with Gaston-Louis Vuitton’s recognizable handwriting, meticulously recording the names of the newspapers and the date of publication. He filed them by subject. All the lost trunks are in one place, bloodstained trunks in another. Cases involving sex, spies, princesses, grand hotels, steam trains and more, a stream of images. For this special edition, Louis Vuitton opened the trunk full of memories to the finest living French authors, whose interests vary from travel to crime, to magic or inventions. Sensitive to the old-fashioned charms of the Belle Époque and the more glamorous post-war years, along with more recent tales of society life (for a special department continues the poetic tradition of collecting articles about trunks, as well as private letters containing unusual anecdotes,and noteworthy order forms), they spirit us away on a journey through time and imagination.

One by one, these authors came to tea at the family home in Asnières before being led into the small room where Gaston-Louis Vuitton used to work. There, by the light of the same small lamp that lit the desk where these relics of the past still lie, they could immerse themselves in this world of leather and wood, yellowed paper and faded old photographs featuring Ernest Hemingway alongside Sacha Guitry and the Mona Lisa, whose now forgotten adventures made the headlines or inside pages of newspapers that have long since disappeared. These authors have brought them back to life. Each story starts out inside a trunk before developing into a full-blown literary journey though the odd one might begin with a wonderful journey and end up inside a trunk… complete with bloodstains.

Published by Les Éditions Gallimard in the “Hors série Littérature” collection, this book is available in a bookstore edition and an illustrated deluxe edition for sale exclusively in in Louis Vuitton stores and on This limited collectors’ edition has been printed on pure thread 110g vellum paper by Darantière in Quetigny and traditionally bound in leather by Ateliers Babouot in Lagny-sur-Marne, France.

Limited Edition Specification:

The Trunk
By Louis Vuitton and Gallimard
Publication: March 2013
Format: 14.5 x 21cm
Pages: 356 pages
Fictional works are presented in chronological order of the events they describe
Features 40 colour documents illustrating the original source of each story.
Limited Edition is available in English, French and Japanese.
Available at Louis Vuitton stores and

The Trunk 1 The TrunkÉliette Abécassis, Bruno de Stabenrath, David Foenkinos

The Trunk 2 The TrunkNicolas d’Estienne d’Orves, Fabienne Berthaud, Marie Darrieussecq

The Trunk 3 The TrunkVéronique Ovaldé, Patrick Eudeline, Philippe Jaenada

The Trunk 4 The TrunkVirginie Despentes, Yann Moix

Images via Louis Vuitton, Archives Louis Vuitton / Patrick Gries, Denis Rouvre

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Louis Vuitton Haute Maroquinerie in Hong Kong

Louis Vuitton Pacific Parkplace Hong Kong Haute Maroquinerie Salon Louis Vuitton Haute Maroquinerie in Hong KongHaute Maroquinerie Salon at Louis Vuitton Pacific Place, Hong Kong

On December 2012, Louis Vuitton reopened its doors at Pacific Place – one of Hong Kong’s most prestigious malls – offering its sophisticated clients a real immersion in the Art of Travel. The refined three-level expanded store takes visitors to a discovery of the House’s universe and core values – Travel and Savoir-faire – infused in luggage, leather goods, ready-to-wear, shoes, accessories, watches and jewellery collections. It is also the second store in Hong Kong after Landmark to house a Haute Maroquinerie “Made To Order” salon where elegant women will have the chance to create an object of desire that becomes her very own.

Haute Maroquinerie is Louis Vuitton’s special customization service which enables clients to create their very own Louis Vuitton bag. Customization sessions will take place at the Haute Maroquinerie Salon, a dedicated private salon wherein clients will receive a unique experience to first select from five different shapes inspired by the Maison’s most iconic pieces; Lockit, Traingle, Noé, Trapèze and Berlingot. They then choose from eight types of leather, twenty-six colors and two finishes – allowing more than 80,000 variations – before their uniquely personalized bag is made to order in Louis Vuitton’s workshops in Asnieres, France. It will take between six months and a year for the bag to be completed. This exclusive service is available in Hong Kong in both Louis Vuitton Pacific Place and Landmark stores, and in select Louis Vuitton stores worldwide.

029045h e1361462773751 Louis Vuitton Haute Maroquinerie in Hong KongAs faithful as a memory, leather has always offered up its strength and nobility. Ever since its creation, Louis Vuitton has constantly paired the most beautiful skins with elegance and refinement to create distinctive and timeless accessories.

Haute Maroquinerie Savoir Faire Louis Vuitton Haute Maroquinerie in Hong KongLouis Vuitton’s Asnières workshops hums with inventiveness, creativity and craftsmanship.

Haute Maroquinerie Savoir Faire video


The five modèles

Sac Lockit Louis Vuitton Haute Maroquinerie in Hong KongSac Lockit – Closed or even padlocked, yes, but nonetheless open to the winds of modernity. Created in 1958, the curved lines, like a taut architectural sketch, translated into instant success for this bag. Time has brought volume and suppleness to its impeccable appearance.

Sac Triangle Louis Vuitton Haute Maroquinerie in Hong KongSac Triangle – This “work bag” was designed in 1934 to accompany women involved with needlework wherever they went. Renamed the Triangle in the 1980s, its originality has brought it back to the forefront.

Sac Noé Louis Vuitton Haute Maroquinerie in Hong KongSac Noé – If ever there had been a flood, it would have been one of Champagne. Created in 1932 to transport five bottles of the “divine brew”, this drawstring bag worn over the shoulder brings a dash of classicism to today’s elegant woman.

Sac Trapèze Louis Vuitton Haute Maroquinerie in Hong KongSac Trapèze – Introduced in 2011, the bag’s mysterious shape hints at well-kept secrets. An exception to the rules of geometry, this bag shows off its originality with a casual elegance.

Sac Berlingot Louis Vuitton Haute Maroquinerie in Hong KongSac Berlingot – It’s a craving. Gourmand and desirable, round and square, supple and roomy. Carried in the hand or slipped into the crook of the elbow, it opens wide to more easily accommodate all that you need for a day, a week or forever.

Images via Louis Vuitton

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