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Louis Vuitton Venice Maison: A Historical Site

Venice has always been a city dedicated to the arts, so it was no surprise that it quickly and fully embraced the seventh art, cinema. In 1932, the Serenissima invented the Mostra, the world’s oldest film festival and its top prize, the Golden Lion, the symbol of the city’s patron saint, San Marco. Frank Capra’s Forbidden and the first, inimitable Frankenstein, directed by James Whale, were shown at the cinema on Venice’s Lido island, in the presence of Greta Garbo, Clark Gable and Vittorio De Sica. A few years later, Count Giuseppe Volpi di Misurata, the founder of the Mostra and President of the Biennale di Venezia, realised his ambition to bring the festival to the heart of the city, housed in a huge cinema that was open to all. the architectural project was completed in 1936 and the Mostra found its place in the city, on the site of teatro San Marco, one of city’s oldest cinemas which had been built in 1908.

An Architectural Challenge

For writer and art historian Adrien Goetz, this “La Fenice of Cinema,” situated between the Piazza San Marco and the church of San Moisè, represents an architectural conundrum: “can the neoclassical or the neo-Baroque styles suit a cinema?” The choice of architect Brenno Del Giudice was, for Goetz, like writing “a manifesto for contemporary architecture.” Alongside sculptor Napoleone Martinuzzi and painter Guido Cadorin, Del Giudice created a chef d’oeuvre, a “ model of balance between the Venetian tradition which the three men came from” and “an eruption of genuine modernity in the shadow of the Basilica di San Marco.” The cinema space, with more than 1,100 seats, was reminiscent of “naval architecture rather than traditional Italian theatres”, says Goetz, with a “huge suspended, democratic balcony, no boxes, no dress circle; it was a cruise ship without first or second class. A complete work of art in a new genre.”

The Venetian’s Cinema

the inspirational cinema was a dialogue between eras and also between concepts. Guido Cadorin, an heir to 17th century Venetian craftsmen, responded to the building’s external minimalism with a bright fresco that lit up the lobby and featured characters from the commedia dell’arte, the playful and popular Italian art form and ancestor of cinema. the artist chose a gold mosaic to echo the vaulted ceilings of the Basilica di San Marco, a way, according to Adrien Goetz, of reaffirming that “this cinema had an international aspect, but above all it had to be the cinema of the Venetians.”

While Cadorin’s work has survived, transferred to a neighbouring palazzo, the cinema’s original décor was unfortunately lost in successive refits. It was with this heritage in mind that Louis Vuitton began writing a new page in the building’s history, with a unique project combining fashion, exceptional craftsmanship and culture. From April 21st to May 19th 2013, on the Maison’s top floor, a series of photographs will tell the story of this building which is so dear to Venetians.

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Images via Louis Vuitton

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Louis Vuitton & Venice

Was Georges Vuitton inspired by the quatrefoils on the façade of the Palazzo Ducale when he designed the Monogram pattern? The question is still asked in the house. One thing is sure: Venice – the city of aesthetes and artists – has always inspired Louis Vuitton, which has maintained close links to the city and its arts since its foundation. Indeed, some of the house’s most faithful clients were also lovers of the Serenissima, such as Peggy Guggenheim, whose art collection is still on show in the city. Also Carlos de Beistegui, who hosted his legendary “Ballo de Secolo” – the ‘party of the century’ – under tiepolo’s frescos in the Palazzo Labia in 1951 and whose Mail trunk – after a remarkable world tour, as demonstrated by the great number of hotel labels on it – is exhibited in the Maison.

The Veneto, the fascinating region around Venice, has been a cradle of unequalled savoir-faire in the art of leather and shoes since the 13th century, with the banks of the nearby River Brenta providing a home to the best artisan shoemakers. And it was these very same artisans who created Louis Vuitton’s first shoe collections. In 2001, Louis Vuitton, which has a deep respect for savoir-faire wherever it is found, opened the Manufacture de Souliers in Fiesso d’Artico, where it creates its shoe collections today. At the same time, the house strengthened its relationship with the city by contributing to the restoration of the Venice Pavilion in the Biennale Gardens, which host the Biennale of Art and Architecture. The Louis Vuitton classic Serenissima Run wove through Veneto, arriving on Venice’s San Giorgio’s Island and a Louis Vuitton City Guide to Venice was published. The opening of the Maison Louis Vuitton Venezia, located in what was once the Cinema Teatro San Marco, marks a new stage in this privileged relationship, one which encompasses architecture, savoir-faire and culture.

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Images via Louis Vuitton

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Louis Vuitton Venice Maison

001 LV Venice 04 2013 Louis Vuitton Venice Maison

On April 21st, 2013, next door to Piazza San Marco, the Maison Louis Vuitton Venezia opened its doors to the public. Situated in the heart of the city, the Maison features a cultural space, Espace Louis Vuitton Venezia, the first in Italy and only the sixth of its type in the world. “Venice has always been special to the House” says Michael Burke, President of Louis Vuitton. “A city on a lagoon at the crossroads of East and West, it symbolizes travel and an openness to new horizons. It is also a city of art and design, which has always known how to bring together beauty, elegance and art de vivre. With this Maison, we wanted to pay homage to Venetians and lovers of the city by offering them our most beautiful designs, as well as a space for art and culture wholly dedicated to them.”

Upon first arrival on the calle San Marco, visitors encounter the amazing sight of a rationalist and monumental palazzo, designed by architect Brenno Del Giudice in 1936. this is followed by sculptor Napoleone Martinuzzi’s haut-reliefs, among which sit a reel of film and the Venetian lions – also used by the Mostra – symbolic references to the building’s cinematic past. Today, they are joined by the building’s new stars, elegant and sophisticated shoes in specially created windows, the fruit of the region’s artisans and their savoir-faire, designed and made in the nearby Fiesso d’Artico.

002 LV Venice 04 2013 Louis Vuitton Venice Maison004 LV Venice 04 2013 Louis Vuitton Venice Maison

Once past the front doors, the visitor enters a vast lobby opening onto spaces dedicated to men’s and women’s leather goods. The architecture and design, with the collaboration of architect Peter Marino, are based on a game of shadows and light, reminiscent of Louis Vuitton’s iconic Damier, a geometric symphony of chiaroscuro. On the floor, onyx flagstones repeat the play of light and dark. On the walls, the glossy ivory of the Venetian stucco, decorated with pale golden shelves, contrasts with the dark wood of the floor counters. The concept is one of modernity punctuated by tradition, as seen in the antique Venetian mirror and a collection of carnival masks, homage to the city’s craftsmanship.

From bags to accessories to small leather goods, on the ground floor visitors are presented with a wide choice of the house’s most beautiful creations. Next to familiar Monogram or Damier bags, the store will showcase reinterpreted icons in mini versions, such as the Petit Noé and the Alma BB, as well as designs in Epi leather reworked in 15 new and vibrant colors.

The Art of Travel

005 LV Venice 04 2013 Louis Vuitton Venice Maison

Louis Vuitton has been reinventing the Art of travel since 1854 and the creation of its first flat-bottomed trunk. And today, at the heart of Maison Venezia, visitors will discover its latest creations, all driven by a tradition of innovation. Modern nomads will find the latest ingenious luggage and bags, made from ultra-light and hardwearing materials. During the opening celebrations clients will be treated to demonstrations of the Louis Vuitton’s “Art of Packing”. The art of travel will also be celebrated in the “Made for Travel” ready-to-wear collection, clothing that is a showcase of innovation. Whether patented quick-drying, antibacterial fabrics, fibres mixed with titanium to become anti-UV shields or longlasting waterproof and stainproof treatments, it all follows the same leitmotiv: to be elegant and immaculate, whatever the journey throws at them.

Men’s Universe

006 LV Venice 04 2013 Louis Vuitton Venice Maison007 LV Venice 04 2013 Louis Vuitton Venice Maison008 LV Venice 04 2013 Louis Vuitton Venice Maison003 LV Venice 04 2013 Louis Vuitton Venice Maison

A curved staircase takes visitors up to the first floor and the men’s collections, a kingdom of sophisticated atmosphere of wood and warm colours. Facing the central skylights is the ready-to-wear collection designed by Kim Jones under the creative direction of Marc Jacobs.

A small salon invites visitors to relax and discover the sheer breadth of the shoe range. In Venice, the house has decided to offer all its models, from the most elegant to the sportiest, crafted in the Manufacture de Souliers in Fiesso d’Artico.

At the heart of the ready-to-wear space is an LV Cup corner, inspired by the renowned yacht race which celebrated its 30th anniversary this year and in which Venice has always played a major role. Clothing, leather goods, shoes and accessories: a whole range entirely dedicated to sailors and aficionados of nautical style.

Endurance and comfort are the two watchwords for a collection that features ultra-light, waterproof, windproof, anti-UV fabrics designed to resist saltwater and the most extreme conditions, whether for the length of a regatta, a long cruise or a simple trip out to sea.

Women’s Universe

009 LV Venice 04 2013 Louis Vuitton Venice Maison011 LV Venice 04 2013 Louis Vuitton Venice Maison012 LV Venice 04 2013 Louis Vuitton Venice Maison

Ascending a few more steps visitors will reach the second floor, bathed in light from enormous windows that look out onto calle San Marco. Delicate and light colours, with a note of serenity, are set off by gold-flecked stucco: we are in a temple dedicated to women. On the wall is “Vedute”, an artwork by Jean-François Rauzier, which offers a dream-like vision of the Serenissima thanks to new and personal perspectives on celebrated views. For the first time in Venice, Louis Vuitton is offering its clients a chance to discover the Marc Jacobs-designed ready-to-wear collection, as well as a space entirely given over to the most beautiful Louis Vuitton shoes, straight off the catwalk. Maison Venezia also welcomes a rare and exceptional space for leather-goods lovers. Decorated with panels lacquered with gold leaf, its walls showcase the house’s most beautiful leather creations made by the most experienced artisans in its historical Ateliers in Asnières, near Paris.

Private Salon

010 LV Venice 04 2013 Louis Vuitton Venice Maison

For those searching for discretion, this floor houses a Private Room hidden behind two doors made of Macassar ebony. The walls are made from Venetian stucco where bronze lines play opposite large walls padded like the house’s renowned Ladies trunk. The beauty of materials, the choice of colours and perfection of the smallest details make for exceptional creations and an exclusive experience.


015 LV Venice 04 2013 Louis Vuitton Venice Maison

The final steps of the staircase lead up to the Bookstore. On the way, visitors can admire the chandelier: the unusual and luminous work, ‘Fragments’, by Fernando & Humberto Campana, which is made from recycled Murano crystal fragments. Venice is a city of aesthetes and writers, a city of culture permanently in motion. Which is why it seemed natural and appropriate to open a bookstore here, offering art books and major publications from Éditions Louis Vuitton. Sofas, a reading space and a selection of prints invite visitors to relax. Here they have arrived at their destination, their journey’s end. Unless, of course, is about to begin.

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Images via Louis Vuitton

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Cute Swimsuit Trends and How to Accessorize them this Season

The days are getting longer, and the temperatures are rising, which means swimsuit season is upon us! Luckily for us there are many cute swimsuit trends to choose from this season. Whether you are vibing a retro high waisted suit, neon colors, or a cute one piece, there is something for everyone no matter where you live.

Check out the outfits below for some summer inspiration and dare to bare!

The Beach:

Cute swimsuit trends - green bikini with gold earrings and bracelet and funky flip flops

This darling green bikini is perfect for a day at the beach, just lather on the sunblock and lay out for a day of perfect sun. Pair the look with some gold earrings and a simple gold bracelet and some funky flip flops and the outfit is complete. {Shop the rest of the outfit on Polyvore}

Around Town:

Cute swimsuit trends - Retro polka dot bikini with a white skirt and parasol and red earrings

Wearing a swimsuit doesn’t mean you have to be standing near a body of water in order to look appropriate. Bare midriffs are in this summer, so pair your cute retro bikini top with a maxi skirt and some matching red earrings and gold bracelets and you will be the toast of the town. {Shop the rest of the outfit on Polyvore}

Pool Party:

Cute swimsuit trends - orange bikini with white cover up and green earrings

Adult pool parties are more synonymous with cocktails then swimming, so go for a more sophisticated one piece and cover up combo. Add some dangly green and gold earrings and a green and gold cuff and voilà, you are party ready. {Shop the rest of the outfit on Polyvore}

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Weekend Reads: WPLongform Picks

Last month Cheri took a look at longform writing on, and how tagging your over–1000-word posts WPLongform can help fellow bloggers, readers, and the editors of Freshly Pressed to discover longer, more in-depth material in the Reader. Since then you’ve shared a huge variety of work under the WPLongform tag, and in today’s post, I’d like to take a quick look at a small sample of the work you’ve published.

Reflections in a fjord

Our first piece is a great example of a narrative-driven memoir. In Reflections in a fjord, author Bryan Hemming makes beautiful use of longer form prose to create an evocative, poetic reflection on memory, life, and the things that change and stay the same. Rooted in a family reunion, as much of place as people, he gently layers evocative imagery line by line, paragraph by paragraph, to bring us into a deeply subjective, transformative moment, and its echo many years later in time.

The cabin’s boards resound with laughter. Bjørg giggling so much the words hardly come out as tears of laughter brim. I try to reconcile this old-age-pensioner with the skirt-clad thighs haunting my mind. It is almost impossible. The treacly tones cracked by nicotine and alcohol; the Norse lilt twittering and creaking with age.

With a narrative arc that gently comes full circle, Hemming’s post is grounded in a Proustian moment that serves as the spoke around which his recollections gather. It’s a moving, poetic, gentle piece of writing, perfect for the more leisurely reading experience that longform enables.

Past Meets Present: Shan Shui Environmental Art

In Past Meets Present: Shan Shui Environmental Art, Issac Yuen takes a different approach to longform, exploring and critiquing the paintings-as-advertising of Yong Liang Yang in a more direct, discursive style of writing. Here the longform approach gives Yuen the space to examine the cultural backdrop of the paintings — which reference and play upon the traditional Shan Shui style of landscape painting — before exploring the ramifications, and to some extent, shortcomings of the project in terms of their environmental impact.

Man-made objects have supplanted the natural world. Skyscrapers take the place of mountains. Construction cranes, a common sight in modern Chinese cities like Shanghai, populate the landscape in excess. The ethereal and purifying mists, a common element of Shan Shui paintings, is in reality a miasma of suffocating smog.

Given the space for his prose to breathe, Yuen is able to introduce us to the cultural backdrop of this imaginative play on traditional art, repurposed to contemporary ends, while also reflecting on the bigger picture. This means that his post serves as both a fascinating introduction to the subject, and painter, for the newcomer, but also gives those already familiar with the paintings an engaging exploration into their impact and effect.

Consuming Geeks: Subculture and the Marketing of Doctor Who

The last of our three brief glimpses into WPLongform is a wonderful example of how the socio-economic, political, or academic think-piece can still prove accessible and engaging to a broader audience. Consuming Geeks: Subculture and the Marketing of Doctor Who explores the commodification and mainstreaming of “geek” subculture through the lens of Doctor Who fandom, and its recent popularity in mainstream circles.

…television is littered with a variety of series that openly invoke science fiction and celebrate geeks; anime and manga aesthetics pervade popular culture; and role playing games have become a massive industry whose impression can be seen all over popular culture. Once embracing something esoteric and disinteresting to the masses, geeks now have effected a complete reversal that witnesses them as the leading edge of style: rather than being disparaged as outcasts, geeks have become an energizing fringe fueling mass culture.

WPLongform: your take

Of course, with the sheer range and scope of the work you’ve shared since WPLongform launched, there was no way we could hope to share anything like a representative sample of what’s out there, but hopefully this gives you a brief look at three very different approaches to longform writing that manage to engage readers not in spite of their length, but arguably, because of it.

But our selection is always going to be limited, and subjective. Hopefully you’ve had a chance to check out WPLongform in your own Reader, and if so, we’d love to hear about your personal favorites and discoveries in the comments.

If you’ve decided to try longer form writing on your blog yourself — or write longer posts as a matter of course — consider adding the WPLongform tag to bring in new readers. We look forward to reading them.

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New Themes: Flora and Fauna, TheStyle, and Fanwood Light

Greetings and Salutations!

Another Thursday has arrived and you know what that means … more themes! The theme machine here at has been cranking out few fresh, new designs that I am happy to present to you.

Flora & Fauna

Flora & Fauna

Flora & Fauna is a colorful, illustrated premium theme designed by Aline Yamada. It’s perfect for your crafty DIY blog, tumblelog, or personal site. Among the theme’s features are support for several post formats, links to popular social networks, and three optional footer widget areas.

Read more about Flora & Fauna in the Theme Showcase, or test drive it for yourself by going to Appearance → Themes in your Dashboard.



TheStyle is a beautiful, grid-based premium theme created by the fine folks at Elegant Themes. The design’s simple structure and photo-driven visualization of posts makes your website fun and easy to browse. TheStyle is a great theme for bloggers or news publications that want to showcase their most recent articles within a stylish design.

Read more about TheStyle in the Theme Showcase, or test drive it for yourself by going to Appearance → Themes in your Dashboard.

Fanwood Light

Fanwood Light

Fanwood Light is an attention grabbing theme featuring multiple post formats, widget areas, and a responsive layout that looks great on devices both large and small.

Read more about Fanwood Light in the Theme Showcase, or test drive it for yourself by going to Appearance → Themes in your Dashboard.

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New Theme: Twenty Thirteen

twentythirteen-thumb If you’re a WordPress aficionado you’ll know why one of the most eagerly awaited announcements each year is the arrival of a new default theme. Wait no longer, friends. I’m thrilled to introduce the newest addition, Twenty Thirteen. This gorgeous theme is colorful, opinionated, and ready to give your blog a warm, welcoming vibe.

An important goal of the yearly default theme is to be different than before, pushing visual boundaries and finding new ways to display your handcrafted content. Twenty Thirteen does just that, taking us back to the blog by featuring a full range of post formats, each displayed beautifully in their own unique way.

Delight and engage your visitors with this vibrant design, from the color scheme and matching header images to excellent typography and beautiful icons. All within a flexible, wide layout that looks great on large screens yet remains readable on any device, big or small.

Colorful to the max, Twenty Thirteen showcases your lovingly crafted content with bold and unapologetic colors. Large, alternating swaths of color are intended to encourage posting a variety of formats—writing all kinds of different content on your blog: images, videos, quotes, links, and more. The result is a lush and attractive layout.


Twenty Thirteen is chock full of other fun design details to make you smile. See it for yourself on the demo blog—things like the off-size post navigation circles and the funky 404 page. The typography is beautiful and readable with Source Sans Pro for body text, Bitter for headings, and a symbol-font called Genericons for seamlessly scaling icons.

And there’s more… learn about everything in Twenty Thirteen on the Theme Showcase.

Designed by Joen Asmussen and built by a cadre of enthusiasts in the WordPress community, Twenty Thirteen is now available in your dashboard at Appearance → Themes. Self-hosted users will have access to the bundled theme with the official 3.6 software release, coming soon.

I hope you get a thrill out of this new theme in all its colorful glory.

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Customizing Forever: Prada for Breakfast

Think you need to be a graphic designer or buy a bunch of upgrades to make a sweet-looking, custom blog? Think again: Prada for Breakfast stands out from the other 214,699 blogs using the Forever theme with creative use of text and simple tweaks that are accessible to any blogger:

forever side by side

Forever was originally designed as a wedding theme, but the bold images, simple layout, and clean typography make it suitable for any kind of blog, including an art and style site like Prada for Breakfast. There’s nothing matrimonial about Halie’s site, and here’s why:

Custom header and background

Forever is one of the many themes that lets you upload a custom header, which is a great way to instantly grab a visitor’s attention and show off your blog’s personality. Some bloggers opt for graphically designed headers (like Mi Piace Kate, previously highlighted in Customizing Bueno), but a custom header can be as simple as a favorite photo or a bit of text. Prada for Breakfast uses some of both:

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 2.41.46 PM

The photo she’s chosen — of coffee, a croissant, and the morning papers, slightly soft and faded — transports the reader to a Parisian café on a misty day, where you sip a latté while watching the well-heeled stroll by. If the photo doesn’t whisk you off to France, she’s superimposed her title and tagline above, both of which reinforce that you’re reading a style blog.

Halie’s custom header is paired with a custom background of pink and off-white stripes, simultaneously calming and whimsical. Adding a background is as easy as finding a image or pattern you like and hitting “upload.” The internet is your oyster here; take a screen shot of the pattern of a fabric you like or find a photo using Creative Commons, and presto! Background.

She — and you — can also choose any of the background patterns that come already loaded in, which you’ll find in the Customizer. (Check out our other suggested sources for background patterns and textures for more inspiration.)

Bold tagline

One of Forever’s distinct features is the way it features the blog’s tagline separately from the title, almost like a call-out:

Forever Quote

Prada for Breakfast takes advantage of this feature, using it to highlight a favorite quote:

Prada Quote

It doesn’t involve any design or custom fonts. Halie just edited her general settings to set this quote as the tagline, and the theme does the rest. The quote instantly sets a tone for the blog (and looks great, to boot).

WidgetsCustomized widgets

Prada for Breakfast makes excellent use of widgets to highlight recent posts, tweets, an extensive blogroll, and more, using small custom touches to help them blend with her blog and add their own personality:

  • Widget titles are all customized to reflect her tone: “Hello” instead of “About;” “Reading List” instead of “Links;” “Follow Me!” for social media links.
  • Social media links are done with image widgets, but here, the images are just text saved as pictures — something you can do in most word processing programs. There are no custom graphics, no cute-little-blue-bird-on-a-branch, just an elegant font that melds with the rest of the blog.

Nearly everything Halie at Prada for Breakfast does to create her stylish yet dreamy blog is done with simple text edits and basic tools available to everyone on — no technical or design know-how needed. And as an added bonus, this is a reminder not to skip over themes originally created for a specific purpose; you can easily transform a wedding or restaurant theme into your dream site.

(For more inspiration, check out the Branding Your Blog or Custom Backgrounds posts over on The Daily Post for help developing and implementing a cohesive look for your blog.)

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Fashion Roundup: The Best Fashion Blogs This Week

The spring season is in full swing and keeping up on the trends can sometimes be a challenge. Check out this week’s Fashion Roundup from some of our favorite bloggers to see what is trending, what is coming back, and what never made it:

  • Cupcakes and Cashmere: Just because vintage is in doesn’t mean it is easy to wear. In their blog this week the ladies at Cupcakes and Cashmere cover the very popular trend of stripes, but with a bright trendy 60′s twist.  Read the entire blog.
  • Honestly… WTF: This surprise trend may be from last year, but that hasn’t stopped Erica from continuing to obsess about it. Want to see the look that still has this blogger excited? Read on.
  • Song of Style: This fashionista knows what’s up, and this week she shows why printed denim is so in (and everything else is out). Check out all the pics.
  • Gal Meets Glam: Check out Julia’s must have items for Spring and discover some of this season’s hottest trends! Read her blog “What I am Wanting”.
  • Olivia Palermo: No fashion roundup is complete without one impossibly New York Socialite. We loved her blog on what to do if the Black and White graphic trend just isn’t for you. Read her blog on the very stlylish alternative of gunmetal and white.

And don’t forget to check out our recent blog for ideas on what to wear on a first date.

green dress with multi-strandgold necklace

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Bohemian Outfits for Music Festivals Post Coachella

Coachella 2013

Bye Bye Coachella 2013

Sadly, Coachella 2013 is over, but the music festival season is just beginning. I put together three bohemian outfits for the top 3 music festivals coming up:

  1. New Orleans Jazz Fest,
  2. Sasquatch Festival in Washington state, and
  3. Bonaroo in rural Tennessee.

For the music festival season of 2013, I’m suggesting gypsy-inspired bohemian outfits and accessories. The bohemian look is perfect for spring music festivals because its hip and classy, and most importantly you can keep cool without resorting to bikinis and shorts. To go boho, begin with a simple earth-toned outfit and add splashes of bold colors and uniquely patterned accessories. Bohemian style is all about expressing individuality. The aim is to break away from tradition and instead convey the freedom that lies within your personality. Below are some popular accessories that go with the boho style.

  • Arm Candy Layer your wrists with a blend of bracelets and bangles. You can mix and match wooden bangles, braided bracelets, splashes of silvers and golds, and bright and bold colors.
  • Ear Embellishments Dangling earrings are a great addition. They help give you a feminine, vintage appeal.
  • Neck Drapery No bohemian ensemble is complete without layers of long necklaces. Create a combination of colorful beads, unique pendants, and even some delicate touches of gold or silver.

Below are some examples of my boho style outfits paired with the spring music festivals of 2013.

New Orleans Jazz Fest

From April 26 – May 5, 2013, New Orleans Jazz Fest features the granddaddy of all jazz fests. The New Orleans Jazz Fest look is where a little class goes a long way to distinguish you from the crowd just wearing t-shirts. A large floppy hat is essential to keeping the sun out of your eyes. A breezy skirt and a crop top says casual sexy. The maroon abstract long silk wallet screams boho, and complements the earth toned look. The sand colored crystal bangle bracelet gives you a cultured vibe, especially when it is paired with the dark amber chandelier earrings and bohemian cinnamon bead necklace.

New Orleans Jazz Fest 2013 Bohemian Outfit

New Orleans Jazz Fest 2013 Bohemian Outfit

Sasquatch Festival

Be prepared to be spiritual, when you meet the mythical Sasquatch at the Sasquatch Festival in Washington state, from May 24-27, 2013. The Sasquatch Festival look is about grounding yourself with mythical beings and spirituality. The centerpiece of this look is the tigereye stretch bead bracelet and tigereye “horse shoe” drop earrings. The spiritual meaning of tigereye is that it allows you to see everything, and grounds you in the here and now. I stacked on the hammered shambhala mixed metal bracelet and added a neutral color textured coin necklace. The feathered sandals and some oversized shades complement this spiritual look.

Bohemian Outfit Sasquatch Festival 2013

Bohemian Outfit Sasquatch Festival 2013


The Bonaroo features world famous artists in rural Tennessee from June 13-16, 2013. The Bonaroo look starts with the cream crochet dress that is classy and sexy, even if you are in the middle of nowhere in Tennessee. The silk carbonado belt accentuates the hips, and it makes the otherwise simple dress standout. The wild bead earrings gives off the boho earth-tones color and they dangle just enough to keep it casual. The sterling silver and yellow agate pendant and the matching sterling silver multi gemstone agate bracelet bring everything together, without feeling matchy-matchy.

Bonaroo 2013 Bohemian Outfit with Cream Colored Crochet Dress

Bonaroo 2013 Bohemian Outfit with Cream Colored Crochet Dress

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