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In the Reflection of the Lens

In this short film directed by KT Auleta and shot in Los Angeles, Louis Vuitton presents the Spring/Summer Sunglasses collection for women. Behind the wheel, the collection is presented in the rear vision mirror of the car navigating different landscapes. Certain models in this collection take their inspiration from the iconic Louis Vuitton trunks and the engraved plates on the temples and metallic studs remind us of these codes.

This film is complimentary to the menswear sunglasses film also shot in Los Angeles, pursuing the male character of the motorbike rider through diverse landscapes as the opposite side of the lens.

Continue the road trip with the men’s sunglasses film: Behind the Lens.

Video via Louis Vuitton

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Steps in choosing dresses for the bridal party

Choosing dresses for the bridal party is actually pretty simple. Two basic issues must be taken into consideration first. A bride must decide on a color or color scheme before any dresses can be chosen. Once the color is chosen, a style should be picked out. Formal weddings will require floor length, bridesmaid dresses. Many weddings will only require cocktail length dresses though. Ultimately, it’s important to allow each bridesmaid to have a little bit of input about dress choice. First, choose a color or color scheme. Most brides already have a color scheme in mind. Summer and spring brides often choose pastels. A winter bride may want to go with a deep red or emerald green for her bridesmaids’ dresses. This is the first step in choosing dresses for the bridal party. Some brides will even allow bridesmaids to choose their own dress colors! The options are virtually endless. Next, bring in the bridesmaid to try on a variety of different styles. Chances are that not all of the bridesmaids have the exact same body type. This means that different styles will look good on different women. A great way to make everybody happy is to let each woman choose the style that fits her best. There is nothing worse than making a maid of honor cram herself uncomfortably into an ill-fitting dress. Each woman should be confident in the fit and style of her dress. There is great information about bridal shops in Spartanburg SC at

Bridesmaid Dresses

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More Summer Outfit Ideas – Accessorized with our Handmade Jewelry line

Here are more fun summer outfit ideas accessorized with our new handmade line. All the jewelry in these outfits is from our store.

Outfit #1: Turquoise or bright aqua jeans with a denim chambray top. Accessorized with our blue bead & pearl pendant and turquoise drop earrings. Great outfit for an afternoon out. The brown bag and nude shoes break up the blue tones in the rest of the outfit.

Summer Outfit ideas - Turquoise Aqua Jeans with a soft denim shirt and matching jewelry.

Outfit #2: Peachy pink strapless dress accessorized with our coral pink pendant and pastel pink drop earrings. The brown strappy sandals give this outfit a bit of character. Fun outfit idea for a warm summer day.

Summer Outfit idea with a pastel peach sleeveless dress.

Outfit #3: White skinny jeans with a black and white striped sleeveless blouse. Accessorized with our vintage bead cluster necklace and spiked earrings. Great idea for a night out – a concert, a club, or a summer dinner date.

What to wear with white skinny jeans

Outfit #4: Gray skinny jeans with a red shirt top. Accessorized with our bangles and the coral pink bead & pearl necklace. The soft color tones in this outfit make this great for a girlie girl on a romantic day date.

What to wear with a red top

Outfit #5: Basic blue skinny jeans with a baby pink oxford shirt. Accessorized with the coral pink double chain necklace and the rose gold bracelet. A perfect outfit for work. Simple jeans and a shirt with a pop of color in the jewelry.

Summer Outfit Idea - What to Wear with Skinny Jeans

Which one’s your favorite?

To check out the rest of the products in the outfits above, please view the outfits on our polyvore page.

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Behind the Lens

Paris may be the ‘city of lights’, yet, Los Angeles could be labeled the city of ‘light’. The natural light in this city is very particular and resonates beautifully on camera. It is thus no accident that the film industry sprung up here and sunglasses are the essential accessory, for celebrities and non-celebrities alike, to reflect the glare of the considerably bright sun rays.

In this short film directed by KT Auleta, Louis Vuitton presents the Spring/Summer Sunglasses collection for men. The collection draws its inspiration from the Damier canvas which was created in 1888. It remains timeless thanks to a geometric pattern and simple elegance and whether basking in the bright light of LA or elsewhere, it is an essential accessory this summer.

Images via Louis Vuitton

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Summer Outfit Ideas: Accessorizing with our Handmade Bead Jewelry Line

Hi All – Here are some summer outfit ideas paired with our new handmade jewelry line. The jewelry is made in beautiful summer colors such as coral pink, sky blue and some pastels.  All the jewelry in the below outfits are from our store so browse the store. We sell out of our styles quickly so if you don’t see a specific style, it’s probably sold out.

Outfit #1: Black and white shorts with a white top. Paired with the pastel blue bead necklace (sold out – see pink here) and silver dangles. Almost anything goes with black and white but the silver and pastel jewelry gives it more of a summer feel.

Black & White shorts with a white flowy top

Outfit #2: The coral pink cowboy boots gives this outfit an edgy look  this summer. The pink teardrop charm bracelet goes perfectly with it – the pink with the boots and the blue with the denim top. Add the peach earrings to match the dress.

Pastel dress with denim top and red cowboy boots

Outfit #3: This is a great choice for a night out. The leather isn’t a good choice for summer but if you live in a place like San Francisco where you have the cool Bay breeze in the evenings, this may just work. The tank top, silver charm bracelet and black onyx pendant completes the outfit.
Black leather pants with a tan tank top

Outfit #4: If you’re looking for something to make you stand out, this red top and the black leather skirt will do just that. Pair it with the gold charm bracelet and the layered bead necklace give it a bold look. The black messenger bag and white pumps complete the look.
Black Leather Flare Shirt with a Red top or blouse

Outfit #5: This black and white dress is so fun! The white blazer goes with the white trim on the dress and the gold bead pendant and amber earrings gives it a touch of color. Great for an evening pool party or dinner on the beachfront.
Black & White Dress with a White Blazer

If you like these outfit ideas, subscribe to our pinterest outfit board where we post all our outfits.

Which one is your favorite?

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Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2013 Bag Names and Prices

The silhouette of the Pre-Fall 2013 collection is based on the Spring/Summer 2013 fashion looks. It retains the same eloongated lines, combined with different lengths, but maredly and purely reminiscent of the Sixties. Nevertheless, the feminine Pre-Fall 2013 silhouette recalls the understated elegance of Jeanne Moreau in Truffaut’s film “The Bride Wore Black.” Elements of men’s late nineteenth century apparel and opulent yet austere details create a more intellectual, dramatic tension. The Pre-Fall 2013 heroine reflects the solemn glamour and sobre grace of a very young Romy Schneider. This neo-aristocratic refinement is reflected in the choice of lace, which makes quite a presence in the collection yet is still subtle.

In continuity with the Spring/Summer 2013 fashion show, the House’s two signatures, the Monogram and the Damier pattern are shown with a graphic 3D and decidedly feminine twist. The Monogram apprears in a tufted relief on the Deauville cube bag. And the Speedy’s canvas is embellished with 3 layers of sequins and color coordinated leather details in black, red, and blue.

Monogram Tuffetage

Monogram Tuffetage Deauville Caramel Louis Vuitton Pre Fall 2013 Bag Names and Prices
Monogram Tuffetage Canvas Deauville Cube
Red, Caramel
Size: tba
Price: US$2650

Suede Tuffetage

03 Louis Vuitton Pre Fall 2013 Bag Names and Prices
Suede Tuffetage Deauville Cube
Size: tba
Price: US$2950

Damier Paillettes

Damier Paillettes Speedy 30 Blue Louis Vuitton Pre Fall 2013 Bag Names and Prices
Damier Paillettes Speedy 30
Black, Red, Blue
Size: 6.7″ x 8.3″ x 11.8″
Price: US$2350

Images via Louis Vuitton

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Found a few examples of the perfect boyfriend jean/jean shorts. From Gina Tricot (I wish we had a proper Gina Tricot in the UK!!) and first seen on Victoria Tornegren and Ashley Olsen.

lola re and the whatnot

lola re and the whatnot

Considering power, let’s pay it forward … here are a few of my recent favourite fashion blogs:

Pale Division | Victoria Tornegren | Lisa’s Place

{title: quote from Roseanne Barr}
{images: from here and here}

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Colorful Outfit Ideas: What to wear with a Floral Top this Season

Summer is here and if you haven’t already, you’re going to start seeing a lot of colorful floral tops at your favorite stores. Here are some outfit ideas on how you can wear and accessorize floral tops. One simple tip – Since floral tops are typically busy, accessorize minimally and keep the rest of the outfit simple.  Comment and let us know your favorite!

Darker floral top for a formal lunch date:

Outfit ideas: What to wear with a floral top

This outfit is fun and flirty, yet maintains an air of sophistication. The casual dark floral top paired with the spike earrings and the bangles completes the look. The tassel necklace may not be needed since the top is busy but it might work. {Shop the rest of the look on Polyvore}

Al fresco lunch by the pool:

Outfit Ideas - What to wear with white jeans and a floral top

One of my favorite outfits of this post, this would be perfect for a lunch party by the pool. The long sleeve floral blouse does all of the talking in this outfit. Let the blouse take center stage and keeping the rest of the outfit simple. A chunky gold chain necklace would fall beautifully over the blouse and go well paired with the gold link earrings.  Add a gold spike bracelet to give off an edgy vibe. The sandal heels are an absolute must to complete this amazing outfit. {Shop the rest of the look on Polyvore}

Contrasting shades:

Orange floral top with baby bblue skinny jeans

As I was putting this outfit together these pieces just seemed to fall into place, allowing for a more interesting pairing of pieces. The orange florals on the top contrast really well with the baby blue skinny jeans. The white accessories including the lace flats, bag, and silver jewelry work perfectly. The peach pendant and the sunglasses match with the top to bring it all together.  For an extra touch, the bow accent from the flats pair well with the bow hair band as well. {Shop the rest of the look on Polyvore}

Special Occasion:

Cute outfit ideas - Floral sleeveless top with a white lace skirt

Perfect for a Summer brunch or a baby shower, this outfit mixes patterns and colors really well. The bright floral top paired with the lace embroidered skirt gives this outfit a sophisticated, yet casual look. The white enamel bangle and the leaf bracelet match the colors on the hat and bag to complete the look.  {Shop the rest of the look on Polyvore}

Coachella Inspired:

Summer Concert Outfit - Denim and lace shorts with a floral tank top.


Inspired by Coachella, this outfit would be perfect if you were attending another summer concert. The floral crop top matched with the lace accent jean shorts is casual and perfect for a hot day. Add a fun belt and a silver bracelet to go with it. {Shop the rest of the look on Polyvore}

Which one is your favorite?

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10 pairs I’d love to own from Topshop, American Apparel, Miss Selfridge and Converse:
Lola Re and the Whatnot
Lola Re and the Whatnot
Lola Re and the Whatnot
Lola Re and the Whatnot

 Lola Re and the Whatnot
Lola Re and the Whatnot
Lola Re and the Whatnot
Lola Re and the Whatnot
Lola Re and the Whatnot
Lola Re and the Whatnot

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