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First Look: L’Invitation au Voyage Ad Campaign featuring David Bowie

The sequel to last year’s Louis Vuitton L’Invitation Au Voyage campaign is set to be released on 10 November 2013 in which model Arizona Muse’s hot air balloon lands in Venice’s Piazza San Marco and ends up being serenaded by none other than David Bowie in a magnificent palazzo.

In this new set of media campaigns, David Bowie performs a unique version of “I’d Rather Be High” while playing the harpsichord. The short film directed by Romain Gavras will be unveiled via a new app called Louis Vuitton Pass on 7 November, with print ads and television commercials to debut on 10 November, and lastly cinema ads at the end of November.

“The film is all about traveling through time, and sharing an incredible moment,” said Frederic Winckler, Louis Vuitton Vuitton’s communication and events director. The transporting clip sees David Bowie’s tune become the soundtrack to a sumptuous and fantastical ball — before Arizona Muse opens her eyes to an empty room and departs, this time on an ancient Chinese boat.

The new campaign features Louis Vuitton Vuitton’s new Vivienne bag, from which Arizona Muse retrieves a musical score as the only evidence of her musical adventure in Venice. She also wears Monogram Idylle gold jewelry and an outfit from its Icons collection. David Bowie meanwhile sports a new interpretation of Louis Vuitton’s Tambour watch.

The new app called Louis Vuitton Pass allows consumers to scan an icon with a smartphone or tablet to access additional content, including making-of films — and a world exclusive of the new campaign. The short film and making-of are to be posted on YouTube and Vuitton’s Web site on Nov. 8.

Louis Vuitton LInvitation Au Voyage David Bowie1 First Look: L’Invitation au Voyage Ad Campaign featuring David Bowie

Images via Louis Vuitton

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Sparkle and Shine This Christmas

It may be October, but Christmas Season is definitely just around the corner. As early as now, festive decorations are starting to make its way around the block. You can smell the cool breeze and yes, holiday is indeed here. Brightly lit decors like the famous Christmas Star, the famous Christmas tree, Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer and Santa Clause – just to name a few of my all time favorite. But none of this would be as spectacular as they should be, without the must have Christmas Lights. These multi-hued, sparkling LED lights make a dramatic effect on the decoration, basically makes everything around the house warm and beautiful.

Christmas Lights Christmas Lights

I always decorate my home in and out during Christmas and I make sure that my Christmas lights are as dependable and charming as can be. I tried these pretty Indoor Battery Operated LED Fine Wire Snowflake Christmas Line Lights which I used to hang around my Christmas tree, and they are absolutely stunning. It created a wintry feel around my living room, which I love. Aside from the look, I liked that these LED lights use 75% less energy than the usual bulb which eases on my electric bill. Now with the outdoors, I found these Durawise Battery Operated Christmas Line Lights in Cool White that I use in my front lawn or in the garden looking like sparkling little fire flies. What I liked about these, aside from the fact that they are energy saving, is that it comes with a timer which automatically turns on or off after a couple of hours, 6 to be exact. So I don’t have to worry about my homes safety from overheated or faulty wiring which causes fire.

Since I am not to be outdone this Holiday Season, I have placed a couple of Outdoor LED Standing Reindeer Light in white as well as an Indoor Battery Operated Pre-lit LED Glitter Standing Deer in Gold standing in my doorstep. They look so magnificent with the glistening White and Gold lights all over their body. All these I have found in an online website, alongside the others I mentioned above, for such an affordable price tag. And if you are not satisfied with what you’ve purchased, which I guarantee is impossible, free returns are accepted on selected items. I am so ready for Christmas and so is my home.

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Beautiful High-Low Dress From Infiniteen

First, let me thank Infiniteen for this sweet parcel and for the fast delivery. My package arrived a lot faster than I expected. This includes a couple of item (of my choosing) for review and like always, I’m so thrilled to be given a chance to collaborate with them. I feel like I’m the luckiest girl in blogsphere, Teehee! Of course, all delivered in my honest opinion. As for the website layout, it is user friendly, easy to navigate and makes shopping experiences fantastic.

.. I spent hours on the website as they have a wide variety of clothing and I must say everything they have is stylish. Since, I’ve been looking for hi-low dress for a while now I chose to have this ‘Cross Wrap Front High Low Hem Dress’. I fell in love with this dress the first time I had laid eyes on this. ​I loved ​how th​e back of this dress ​was ​designed​ and​ the trails behind​ flows so beautifully.​ ​This is indeed ​​perfect for a casual dinner,​ party ​​or even a night out. ​The best part of this is the material, it’s really nice and comfy! To be honest, I cannot seem to get enough of this dress and I can’t wait to wear it. It is so flattering!

I also got a ‘Fill In The Blank Tank Top’ which is amazing too! Their clothing fits perfectly to my sexy little body. :)

High-Low Hem Dress

Infiniteen is a fantastic site to shop if you’re looking for fashionable and stylish clothes as they have a wide variety of clothing at a top price and great quality too. Not to mention, there are always sales for 15-25% discounts each month, and free delivery worldwide on orders over $50 which gives a perfect opportunity to snatch a great products at a very low price.

Overall, the whole process was great. Quick delivery, great customer service and the items came as described. I would highly recommend Infiniteen to everyone.

My next agenda is to model this pretty dress- an outfit post later!

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Extra Clothes for Extra Cash

Do you want to make good use of the stacked, overflowing closet of beautiful clothes that have been stored in your home over the years? As the change in seasons, alongside the change in fashion trends, we sometimes get hooked in the buying, that we hardly have any space in our closet left to hold them in. Instead of having these collections of wardrobe all piled up, why not make an investment out of them?

We all know that there’s the famous garage sale and flea markets to help us display our goods, but none is as easy, trendy and stress free as an online virtual marketplace to sell your items for cash. We have a lot of those these days, but none fits my preference the most other than Why? Simply because they make the whole process so easy and hassle free for me. What you do with the excess clothes that you have, is sort them according to those you can still wear and those you are prepared to let go off. Since registration on the website is free, the next best thing to do, is to go ahead and document your clothes online according to the websites category for valuation and voila! You get a prize! Now how’s that for starters? And since with this website, everything just keeps getting better. Who would say that they have free sending service or that they have a fully insured courier that picks up your stuff at a convenient schedule, you choose for yourself. Let us say all the packing is done, delivered and got passed the quality check. What is left to do? Well, choose how you want to get paid! Cheque, Bank Transfers, e-Vouchers or if you are feeling magnanimous, donate everything to charity! And they are not only accepting clothes, they also accept a wide array of products to sell like DVD’s and tons of other electronic stuff. Now that’s making good of what you have, get cash for your stuff – a definite win-win situation for me!

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Strictly Elegant: Tess Daly Brings Ballroom Elegance to Party Wear

Tess Daly width 5 Strictly Elegant: Tess Daly Brings Ballroom Elegance to Party Wear

We’re used to seeing Tess Daly looking glam on Strictly Come Dancing so who better to inspire your perfect party outfit than the stunning TV presenter. While everyone would secretly love to take a twirl in one of the bold and bright ball gowns the contestants sport on the dance floor, this understated strapless black prom dress is the height of sophistication. Add in the nude shoes, sleek hairdo and dazzling smile and you have a winning look that’s easy to copy for a fabulous night out.

Prom perfection

If you don’t have a little black dress in your wardrobe already be sure to grab one before party season gets underway. Even if you’ve already got a well-worn favourite, a woman really can’t have too many to choose from! To channel Tess’ tasteful take on this classic style, choose a strapless black dress with a fabulous flared skirt. This sweetheart neckline dress features pretty an embellished design with an on-trend lace bodice and a puffball skirt. The nipped in waist and floaty skirt slim stomachs and create a curvy hourglass shape on all figures. For even more choice check out this range of gorgeous Little Mistress dresses.

Stylish stilettoes

The nude tanned tone of Tess’ lovely shoes ties in with the understated look of her classy gown and helps to elongate her lovely long legs. Versatile and pretty neutral tones are in this season, which is great news since they can be used as a trendy alternative to formal black shoes and brightly patterned styles. These point court shoes from Definitions are available in a range of colours but the beige ones will help you to get that nude look. These glossy and elegant shoes can work as well in the office as at a fancy cocktail party when teamed with a fitted pencil skirt and smart blouse. For a more glitzy take, go for these glitter platform shoes which feature playful gold sparkles in true Strictly ​style. If you love Tess’ stylish black dress but want to make a statement with your shoes, make your footwear the focal point with some on-trend animal print court shoes. The leopard print puts a fun modern twist on this timeless design for an eye-catching but refined look.

Cool clutch

Finish the outfit off with a stylish black clutch. This stunning satin clutch bag comes with a chain so you won’t have to hang on to it all night, while the pretty blush bow goes beautifully with your nude shoes. We all know the LBD is a party staple but this smart bag might just be your new favourite piece for formal evening events.

You may not get the chance to don a ball gown every Saturday like gorgeous Tess, but make the most of your nights out with your own take on her classic and elegant outfit.

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Five Minutes with Alison Barrett

Every once in a while, we sit down with an Automattician to help you get to know the people who work behind the scenes to build new features, keep Automattic’s wheels turning, and make the best it can be. In this installment, we’re delighted to introduce you to code wrangler, video game …
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World Series Blogging with MLB Themes

The World Series kicks off tonight, pitting the St. Louis Cardinals against the Boston Red Sox to decide baseball supremacy for the year 2013. No matter whether you’re a Cards or Red Sox fan, or just waiting to see some home run fireworks, our Major League Baseball (MLB) themes can …
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One Theme, Three Ways: Customizing Pilcrow

Some themes are so ubiquitous it’s easy to forget their eye-candy potential. Pilcrow, a popular workhorse of a theme, is a case in point. Used by almost half a million blogs, it’s near-impossible to miss its out-of-the-box look: Dig deeper into the theme’s many customization options — both free features …
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Dignity in the Dress Department: Retailers Rally Around Plus Size Beauty

The quality of plus size fashion is a hotly debated topic that has led to a change in the way that retailers and society view fuller figured women. Only a few decades ago, the largest size that most retailers carried was a 14, and plus size clothing stores were depressing, gloomy affairs that offered little more than elasticated waistbands and patterned tunics. Fast forward 20 years and plus size fashion has evolved into one of the fastest growing industries, and designers are now offering jaw-dropping collections that rival those of an LA fashion show. Women of every size can now find attractive, fashionable designs that will allow them to display their curves with pride, and this article takes a look at how different retailers are venturing into the world of plus sized fashion.

Clothes shopping was once a harrowing experience for girls over a size 16, as the mall simply did not offer anything in a large size that even loosely resembled fashion. Many were forced to give up their hope of buying something they liked and instead settle for something that fit, as the latest trends seemed to be reserved for the slim. Many retailers have now been spurred into action by the rise of speciality stores such as Navabi that cater mainly for plus sized customers. The popularity of these stores, coupled with the favourable press that they receive on both television and in print, has inspired the traditional retailers to create their own plus size ranges, and these have been eagerly awaited by many women who previously never even bothered to set foot in their stores.

plus size fashion

Of course, retailers are not just offering this new wider selection out of the kindness of their hearts, but rather because there is real money to be had by venturing into plus size fashion. An estimated two-thirds of the US female population are overweight or obese, so to sell clothes that can only be bought by 33% of the customer base would be economic suicide for many new companies. Even established fashion houses have begun to feel the pinch after the recession, and many now offer most of their new collections up to a size 18.

Plus size fashion is a vital part of the clothing industry in the same way as the tall and petite ranges, and the same amount of effort should be given to its promotion and development. Plus size women have the same love affair with fashion as every other woman, and retailors have a duty to provide the same amount of choice for them as they do all their customers. The fashion industry is regularly criticised for its promotion of an unhealthy body image, and is accused of idolising models that are dangerously skinny. If the major fashion houses put their mighty PR machines to work promoting the idea that every body type is beautiful, the world of fashion would look very different, and women of every possible size and shape would be applauded for their unique beauty.

Carol Wright follows fashion trends closely. She loves helping women discover their perfect style regardless of size.

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The perfect ring to give your navel piercing a bit of sparkle and a gorgeous new look

Belly Button Rings

So last week, I received my belly button ring together with my new pendant that was sent by Body Jewellery Shop for a review. I first ordered the Crystal Evolution Bananabell but it was out of stock so I had to choose another one which is the ‘Devil Heart Bananabell’ and I’m so glad I did. This bananabell features hand-set swarovski crystals and is beautifully made – so sexy and very stylish. Thanks BJS! is one of the most popular body jewelry shop on the web. They have been trading online since 2000 and their experienced team is always ready to answer any body jewellery and piercing questions which I like about them. I also find the site very user friendly although they have a huge selection that may be overwhelming to some of you. Personally, I was really impressed by such a fantastic selection of products available. They have all kinds of high quality body jewellery accessories at great prices ; belly button rings , nose studs, tongue piercing, earrings just to name a few.

As for the shipping , it was fairly quick too. My order was delivered in a reasonable amount of time. Another great plus about BJS is their FREE WORLDWIDE delivery on orders over £10. Pretty Cool! So if you’re looking for a nice quality body jewelry to get your piercing started with, I highly recommend the Body Jewellery Shop.

Thank you so much for letting me enjoy this stunning belly button ring. :)

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