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Get the Gothic look right

Gothic fashions are still a major fad in the UK, with many people turning to ‘the dark side’ for sartorial inspiration and wearing everything from leather to PVC and crushed velvet. There are a number of Gothic designers working in the UK, not to mention online stores where you can pick up clothes and a range of accessories.

One of the biggest and most well-known is which stocks an impressive selection of Gothic and alternative clothes, including wedding dresses, boleros and corsets.

Gothic women

Women often fall in love with Gothic fashions because of the form-fitting beauty of corsets and fish-tail skirts which accentuate curves and give you a certain dark glamour. Although corsets aren’t for everyone and are something of an acquired taste, being not particularly comfortable, they do come in a dazzling array of colours and styles and are a worthy addition to any Gothic wardrobe. If you’re not afraid to be dramatic and stand out in the crowd opt for a Dark Raven Cameo Black Satin Underbust Corset by Restyle, but if you’d prefer a more subtle look while still benefiting from a cinched-in waist then purchase something like a Black Faux Leather Girdle Belt.

gothic fashion

When it comes to dresses The Gothic Shop stocks everything from day-wear to prom and party options. If you have a Gothic wedding or other event to attend opt for the purple grandeur of the Alvira Lace Purple Gothic Prom Dress by Sinister or an Autumn Black Velvet & Copper Taffeta Dress, by the same label.

For something a little more casual peruse the wares of Hell Bunny and settle for an Avalon Rose and Anchor Mini Dress. To find out more about the range of women’s clothing head to

Gothic men

The Gothic Shop is a fashion haven for Goth men as well as women, selling everything from tees and work shirts to elaborate trousers and formal tops.

The Slaine Mens Black Twill Fitted Gothic Shirt gives you sleek lines and a distinctly brooding look while the Mephisto Mens Gothic Shirt is military inspired with faux leather stripes and is particularly eye-catching.

For a more casual day-to-day look select from the online store’s selection of men’s T-shirts such as the Back from the Dead Men’s White T-shirt or the Waisted Men’s Fitted Sleeveless Top, perfect for warmer weather.

In winter, when you want to look stylish without risking chilblains, you can still rock the Gothic look in a Marduk Men’s Hooded Trenchcoat, a Cratos Woollen Military Men’s Coat or an Odin Full Length Gothic Hooded Trench Coat with a high collar to protect your face from the winter wind.

Gothic accessories

There is an extensive selection of Gothic accessories available on The Gothic Shop online store. Women can enhance their look with a pair of Beautiful Black Mesh and Satin Roses Gothic Gauntlet Gloves and adorn their hair with Bat Gothic hairclips or even a metal tiara, while men can experiment with different eye colours courtesy of the store’s range of contact lenses by XtremeEyez.

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New Themes: Kelly and Arcade

We’re launching two new themes this week — one free and one premium — check them out!
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Awesome Summer Distractions from

Ah, summer! If you’re looking for some excellent diversions, is the place to be.
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Early Theme Adopters: Illustratr

In our Early Theme Adopters series, we focus on bloggers creating great-looking sites with the most recent additions to our Theme Showcase. Today, let’s visit some of the sites that are already using Illustratr, a stunning, modern theme perfect for portfolio sites and blogs alike.
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Promote Your Books and Blog: A Look at Author Websites

Are you an author on looking to promote your books and daily writing? Get inspired by these three websites.
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Rev Up Your Writing with Our Blogging U. Challenge

Want to flex your blogging muscles? Get ready for Writing 101: Building a Blogging Habit, starting Monday, June 2.
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Customizing Twenty Fourteen (Take Two!)

Twenty Fourteen is much more than a magazine theme. From blog to small business homepage, Twenty Fourteen does it all — as these four sites show.
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Monday Morning Edition

In case you missed it, a quick recap of the past week on, from new features to great blogs to discover.

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Fab Finds: You want Chanel…? Designer Vault will give you Chanel!

The genius of the Chanel bag can be found in its versatility—it has managed to be the perfect accessory, be its wearer in jeans or black -tie, artfully disheveled or painstakingly put together, for more than half a century, invading not only our wardrobes but our cultural consciousness as well. ~ Vogue

Every so often I become obsessed with the idea of finding the perfect Chanel bag.  Chanel is classic, iconic, and oh so fabulous!  I still remember the days of looking through fashion magazines as a teenager and thinking that Chanel was so fancy and grown up.  Twenty years later, I am still in awe over the power, allure and beauty of a Chanel bag.  Lucky for us, Designer Vault has the most incredible selection of Chanel bags that I have ever seen!  I am featuring a mix of classic and whimsical, vintage and new, everyday and special occasion bags in bold colors, texture and prints.

Chanel Bags at Designer Vault

  1. Chanel Vintage Half Crescent Bag, Price: $1,350.00
  2. Chanel Python Mini Flap Coin Purse, Price: $1,950.00
  3. Chanel Vintage Red & Black Satin Colorblock Bag, Price: $1,250.00
  4. Chanel Orange & Purple Flap Bag, Price: $2,650.00
  5. Chanel Vintage Orange Jumbo Flap, Price: $3,450.00
  6. Chanel Mini Python Flap Bag, Price: $1,950.00
  7. Chanel PRESS Buttercup Yellow Jumbo Flap, Price: $3,950.00
  8. Chanel Pumpkin Orange Double Flap Classic Bag, Price: $2,450.00
  9. Chanel Vintage Jumbo Single Strap Flap Bag, Price: $3,750.00

Chanel Bags at Designer Vault

  1. Chanel Espadrille Flap Bag, Price: $1,750.00
  2. Chanel Green Satin Sequin Evening Bag, Price: $1,750.00
  3. Chanel Green Leather & Clear Camera Bag, Price: $1,650.00
  4. Chanel Green Suede Flap Bag, Price: $1,350.00
  5. Chanel Green Suede CC Shoulder Bag, Price: $495.00
  6. Chanel Brown Suede Backpack, Price: $1,250.00
  7. Chanel Cruise Caviar Leather Satchel, Price: $1,250.00
  8. Chanel Navy Blue Vintage Camera Bag, Price: $1,450.00
  9. Chanel Vintage Caviar Navy Tote, Price: $1,475.00

Chanel Bags at Designer Vault

  1. Chanel Kaleidoscope Satin Hobo Bag, Price: $1,850.00
  2. Chanel Fuchsia Pink Metallic Flap, Price: $1,950.00
  3. Chanel Metallic Ice Cube Runway Flap, Price: $1,750.00
  4. Chanel Vintage Fuchsia Bag, Price: $1,350.00
  5. Chanel Vintage Pink Shoulder Bag, Price: $1,875.00
  6. Chanel Vintage Pink Lambskin Shoulder Bag, Price: $1,850.00
  7. Chanel Vintage Light Blue Lambskin Mini Flap, Price: $1,950.00
  8. Chanel Purple Lady Braid Flap Bag, Price: $1,395.00
  9. Chanel LAX Shoulder Bag, Price: $1,250.00

Chanel Bags at Designer Vault

  1. Chanel Lambskin Classic Flap Bag, Price: $1,650.00
  2. Chanel Camellia Clutch Bag, Price: $895.00
  3. Chanel Raised Patent Square & Logo Clutch, Price: $995.00
  4. Chanel Velvet Camellia 5 Clutch Bag, Price: $695.00
  5. Chanel Black Satin Cruise Flap, Price: $1,450.00
  6. Chanel Black Patent Jumbo Flap, Price: $3,450.00
  7. Chanel Black/White Colorblocked Flap Bag, Price: $2,450.00
  8. Chanel Leather Medium Leo the Lion Flap Handbag, Price: $3,450.00
  9. Chanel Black & White Silk Coco Mademoiselle Scarf Shoulder Flap Bag, Price: $1,450.00

DV-Chanel Bags

  1. Chanel Satin Pearl Beaded Bag, Price: $1,250.00
  2. Chanel Vintage Medium Pink Tweed Flap Bag, Price: $2,950.00
  3. Chanel Satin Wristlet Bag, Price: $1,250.00
  4. Chanel Fantasy Tweed Flap, Price: $1,750.00
  5. Chanel Vintage Velvet Pearl Gripoix Evening Bag, Price: $1,950.00
  6. Chanel Pink Satin Gripoix Vintage Evening Bag, Price: $1,950.00
  7. Chanel Hidden Sequin Flap, Price: $1,850.00
  8. Chanel Purple Fur Bag, Price: $945.00
  9. Chanel Tweed Boucle Messenger Bag, Price: $1,450.00

Okay, so I went a little overboard.  Can you blame me?!  I will be featuring Christina Samoylov, owner of Designer Vault, later in the week.  If you have any questions or are interested in purchasing any of the Chanel bags listed above, visit

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Designer Profile: Cortnie Elizabeth of Love,Cortnie

Cortnie ElizabethI learned of Love,Cortnie through Washingtonian’s 2013 holiday gift guide {15 DC-Made Gifts for the Locavore}, and had to learn more about the talented woman behind the beautiful, handmade statement clutches.  Cortnie has a chic, effortless style that I love.  I visit her blog StyleLust Pages daily for inspiration (my favorite outfits are pictured above), and to see what new Love,Cortnie creations she has in store for us.

HR:  When did you first start designing handbags? Did you always want to become a handbag designer or was it a gradual transition after studying at FIDM?

CE:  I first started designing bags when I was in between jobs during the summer of 2011.  Which was after graduating from FIDM in 2007.  I never imagined or dreamed that I’d be making bags, but sometimes the way things work out is just what you need.  I majored in Merchandise Marketing and also received my first degree from the University of Maryland, College Park.  I thought I was going to be a physical therapist.

I had always wanted to learn how to sew.  It was important to me that my grandmother taught me.  She knows how to do everything.  Since I had the extra time on my hands I was able to learn.  While teaching me I had mentioned how it would be cool to make a clutch.  Clutches were not a major accessory at the time and I could never find an oversized one that I loved.  So I figured that I would make them.  I learned to sew and made my first clutch, but a week later I opened my Etsy shop with 3 styles of clutches available.  I’ve now done over 100 different styles with the hopes of expanding into totes and bucket bags over the next few weeks.


Love,CortnieHR:  What is the most challenging/rewarding aspect(s) of designing handbags and being in business for yourself?

CE:  Time management!  There’s so much to be done when you’re in business for yourself and doing it alone.  The best part will always be seeing my customers on Instagram or Facebook, etc styling one of my bags.  The compliments, the encouragement, the emails about how much they love their new clutch will always be the most rewarding part.

HR:  Shopping for fabric seems like a fun part of the design process. Where do you find inspiration when creating each clutch?

CE:  Everywhere. I usually don’t shop with anything in mind.  I’ll usually just find fabric I love and go from there.  I’ve been inspired by current trends and color combos to name a couple.

HR:  Describe the woman you design for.

CE:  The woman who loves Love,Cortnie likes to stand out.  She likes being unique and it often translates into her style.

HR:  Which Love,Cortnie clutch is your best seller and which is your personal favorite?

CE:  The best seller is hands down, the Ashleigh.  It’s hard to keep it in stock sometimes.  The ladies love leopard!  It’s way too hard for me to pick a favorite.  I’ve made so many!  It has to be between the Spotted II calf hair clutch, the Pumpkin Spice clutch, the Midnight Hour clutch and I’m really loving the new Stud Muffin clutch.

Love,CortnieHR:  Name five celebrities you would love to see rocking a Love,Cortnie original.

CE:  That’s hard!  I’ll give you three.  Beyonce, of course.  She’s just amazing.  Oprah and June Ambrose.

HR:  What five accessories should every woman invest in?

CE:  Statement jewelry, dainty rings, a light weight scarf or 5 (I have over 30), the perfect little studs and a Love,Cortnie clutch of course!

HR:  What advice can you give to aspiring handbag designers?

CE:  Do the homework, learn as much as you can, keep learning and perfect your craft.  I’m always looking for ways to make my products better.  Just go for it!

Stay connected with Cortnie via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and her blog StyleLust Pages.

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