Online shopping is gaining momentum throughout the world and the experience can definitely be overwhelming. With internet being easily accessible at many cities and towns and new e-commerce stores coming up in a big way, almost every item that was available in the shops is available online – be it groceries, electronic items like computers, refrigerators, smart phones and clothes. Despite the advantages that the online shopping offers, there are some items that need special attention. While buying for standard items is simple, buying clothes isn’t quite easy and is one of the trickiest items that are bought on the internet. For both men and women, buying clothes online is a challenge because the garments have different sizes. Each of the apparel brands follow different sizing and also name the fits in different ways. Added to this, most of the retailers do not offer the essential details to make the shopping for clothes online, a hassle free process. Below are the 5 essential tips that you must learn while you shop for clothes online.

tips for shipping clothes online

1. Know what you want – Well, this may be strange but I guess you should have at sometime, walked into a retail shop and roamed through the racks and the aisles without knowing what you want to buy. It’s the same that most do while shopping online – visit web stores, browse the different categories and go to the next webstore. For a smarter shopping online, the first thing that you need to do is – knowing what you want. Once you are clear about your clothing need, start searching them on the internet or at your favorite stores. Check out the new e-stores and see if they offer anything interesting for your clothing needs.

2. Fit is King – One of the foremost things to look in the apparels is the fit of the clothes. If the clothes are good to see but doesn’t fit you well, there is no point in buying them. Before buying the clothes, do a research on the fit. It is always better to know your body measurements so that you can pick the perfect size, instead of just picking the clothes by the size number displayed on the garment. In the e-stores, see if you can get the measurement chart which displays the measurements at different parts of the garments. Apart from the regular measurement charts, very few e-stores are offering virtual fit assistant or smart size selectors which help you in identifying a fit that is good for you.

3. Quality – The quality of the clothes is as important as the fit while buying clothes. Instead of taking pride in the quantity of the outfit, make an investment while buying quality clothes. When making a selection, read through the description of the product and see if the store has clearly mentioned the material used for manufacturing the garments. The materials often used in the apparels are pure cotton, cotton blend, silk, wool, polyester or other blends. Checking for the quality is imperative as a better quality clothes last longer and are durable. For most of the men clothes, the best material is cotton. The apparels made from the Egyptian Giza cotton are very comfortable to wear. Some of the premium apparel brands offer shirts in Egyptian Giza cotton too.

4. Shipping cost – One of the main advantages of shopping online is the price factor. In most cases, it turns to be cheaper than the retails outlets. However, before clicking on the buy button, see if the retailer or the e-store charges additional amount for the shipping. Many of the retailers offer free shipping if you purchase above a certain amount. If you shop below the amount, you may have to bear additional charges for your shipping. Additionally, you may also want to check out other e-stores that offer the same brand with free shipping (with no minimum shopping cart value). You also have to take in consideration the return shipping cost in case you wish to send the item back.

5. Exchange policy – No matter what effort you put in finding the perfect fitted clothes for you, the unfortunate truth is that the clothing may not fit you as you wanted it to. In case, this happens, what would you do? In these cases, it’s best to always read and understand the exchange policy at the e-store before you make the purchase online. While most of the policies on the exchange are fairly simple, few of them will not be customer friendly. Opt for e-stores that offer easy exchange and also pay for the return pick up. So, the idea here is to check their exchange policy.

Conclusion: Shopping for apparels online involves a lot of hard work and research before buying, but it’s definitely worth the effort. Online shopping if done in the right way will save you time and money to buy clothes that fit you perfectly, straight from the internet.

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