Add to the glam with this 9ct Yellow Gold Oyster & Pearl Charm Pendant

Just like my sis, I’ve always been fascinated with jewellery ever since I was a little girl. I can still remember when my sis & I are going crazy digging through my mom’s jewelry boxes trying out different pieces and dressing up. Well, I guess it runs in our family ha, or maybe I just have a soft heart for jewelry [some may call it obsession] . For me, wearing jewelry is like wearing a piece of art.

Gold Jewellery

Anyways, my love for jewellery is continuing as I was thrilled to be given the chance to review a piece of jewelry from They have all kinds of gold jewellery  for all occasions; Platinum Rings, Gemstone, Children’s Baby Rings, Wedding Bands, Men’s Jewelry, Diamond Earrings, Pendants, Engagement Rings. You name it, they have it! The layout is pretty neat, and very easy to navigate. I spent almost 2 hours browsing through the website before I finally decided what I want. Each piece is unique and they come in variety of designs so I really had a hard time.  I then picked the 9ct Yellow Gold Oyster & Pearl Charm Pendant which cost (£49.99). I fell in love with this pendant the very first time I had my eyes on this – the stunning oyster holding a pearl is what catches my eyes. Unique, I say. It was sent last week, and arrived all safe & sound today.

Gold Jewellery

I can say that I am extremely pleased. I love everything about this pendant, It’s such a beautiful piece, the shade of gold really matches my gold chain just perfectly (as you can see in the image below). It’s even better than what I expected from the picture. Happy Me! Thanks soooo much Jewellery World! :)

Yellow Gold Oyster & Pearl Charm Pendant

I highly recommend this website to anyone who are looking for a reliable online jeweller shop. Whether you are looking for a gift to your love ones, a touch of sparkle for your look or the perfect engagement ring. Jewellery World have just the right piece for you at affordable price. Not to mention, the delivery is fast and the customer service is Excellent. So guys, be sure to visit and add it to your bookmarks! And you can thank me later! :)

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