Black Friday sale: free Custom Design with any Premium theme

It’s that time of the year again, and we decided to take care of all our users whether they feel like lining up in the cold to take advantage of today’s bargains or not.

This year’s offer is about two upgrades that first saw the light of day during the past twelve months: Custom Design and Premium Themes.

For the next 24 hours if you pick up any of our Premium Themes we’ll throw in a totally free one year subscription to the Custom Design Upgrade, which would usually cost you $30. Depending on the theme you choose, that’s between 30% and 60% of the Premium Theme’s value.

Don’t miss this great occasion to stand out from the crowd, by adding a great Premium Theme to your site, and customizing its fonts and CSS to make it truly yours.

If you already have a Custom Design subscription, no problem, we’ll add an extra year to it for free.

If you’re not sure on what Premium Themes and the Custom Design upgrade actually do:

Premium Themes: feature detailed designs, exciting options for customization, and exclusive support directly from the theme authors themselves.

Custom Design: easily customize the fonts in your theme, and dive into CSS to make all the presentational changes you desire.

It’s only one day, it happens today, but the gift is yours for one year.

Don’t wait anymore to browse our Premium Themes collection.

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