Fang-tastic – Day 20 of 30 Days of Night

Remember those stupid plastic, made in China fangs that you bought from the Dollar Store when you were a kid and you thought you were cool. Well, you weren’t and those plasitc fangs probably were not healthy in any way – and you put those things inside your mouth! Gross.

Anyway, over at Dental Distortions, you can get a butt-load of fangs and other teeth kits that would put your dollar store fangs to shame – super shame.

Check-out the ones that look like they need a major dental cleaning. Aren’t there wolves, vampires and other creatures of the night that take care of their teeth? I mean, you don’t see Edward Cullen with a horribly discolored and mishapen grill. I’m just sayin’. And, I just heard that name Edward Cullen and from what I’ve heard he’s some sort of vampire Adonis – I didn’t read the Twilight saga or see the movie and in no way am I looking forward to the New Moon movie. *ahem, *cough, *sputter, *head hanging down in shame…


Images courtesy of Dental Distortions

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