Know How to Dress-Up to Look Smarter Yet Stay Warmer This Winter

The winter will be here before you know it, so are you prepared enough to face the harsh weather again? Keeping you warm during the harsh winter needs to be paid special attention to, as this is crucial for one’s health.

Attention must be paid to keeping each part of the body warm with special winter clothing of good material that is durable and protective. One wrong choice with anything that you wear can harm your health when you are out in the cold. Flu, numb fingers/toes, low blood circulations are just a few ways in which, the cold could harm you if your body is not duly protected. Knowing what kind of material is best and for what type of clothes is very important as you could end up buying a bulky-looking jacket made from cheap plastic which doesn’t serve the required purpose while a simple single layered pure woolen sweater could’ve served the purpose better. So, let’s look at a few simple, yet very important tips on how to dress warm this winter:

Layered ClothingLayered Clothing

Several layers of thin clothing can keep you warmer than a single layer of something thicker! The more you trap air between the layers, the warmer you will be, as air is a bad conductor of heat. So basically, layered clothing can trap the heat within your clothing. They tend to trap air creating insulation. Layers also regulate your body temperature in a more accurate way.

Here are the 3 levels of layering with details:

Inner Layer: Let the inner most layer be thin. Polyester or nylon should work. But a natural fiber like silk would be most comfortable.

Middle layer: Again a thicker variety of polyester could work well. Fleece jackets is a good option as they are the best at keeping you warm but what we recommend would be a pure woolen sweater/sweatshirt.. Nothing can keep you warmer! Check out some good-looking yet highly functional Paul And Shark jackets in this segment.

Dress Up to Look Smarter Yet Stay Warmer This Winter

Water-proof outer layer: In some places where it snows, snow could get your outer layer wet which will eventually freeze. Therefore keep yourself completely dry by wearing waterproof outer layer.

Give Priority to Keeping Your Body Warmer Than Your Head!

Nature has prioritized keeping the head warm first which is why your feet and hands get colder, all the warmth gets sent to the brain first. So we are constantly loosing heat through the head making your hands and feet colder. Once the feet get cold, the rest of the body like the chest, thighs start feeling cold too.

Dress Up to look smarter

Get yourself a pair of good fur boots if you happen to live in places where it snows heavily. They require high maintenance but nothing can keep your feet warmer! Make sure your soles are dry because they could freeze otherwise. Dress Up For Winter.

winter style

Knitted socks keep your feet the warmest. The hands can be kept warm with leather outer covering and fleece or wool lining inside. This way, you can dress up smartly to ensure good health, yet create your own unique style with the basic essentials!

Author Bio: Jolie Fulton is a textile engineer who loves shopping especially for winter clothes, and she keeps sharing such handy tips with others to help them in the process.

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