Louis Vuitton Series 5 Fall/Winter 2016 Ad Campaign

DEI 440x285 F-S5 DP2 FR_HD_RVB

Louis Vuitton “Series 5”, the campaign for the Autumn/Winter 2016 collection, is a multiple narrative for which Bruce Weber is the pictorial maestro. In a visual symphony, he captures the various characters that Nicolas Ghesquière likes to call heroines. Ever on the move, these modern trial blazers are orchestrated as graphic gures, like a tribe of determined women setting out for adventure. A heroine among heroines, Selena Gomez does a star turn for this collection.

The shoot for this campaign took place in Miami, Bruce Weber’s favorite turf. It is composed like a “work in progress” for the photographer, who at rst wanted to place his heroines on a boat. It was while seeing the boat being transported to the dock that he decided to leave it “as is”, creating visual dissonance that gives rise to an unusual element of architecture. From this illogical atmosphere emanates a graphic purity, a sort of tension that acts as a counterpart to the models’ vitality.

DEI 440x285 F-S5 DP3 FR_HD_RVB

“In addition to being an incredible photographer, Bruce Weber is also a true choreographer of images. He knows how to capture the energy of each individual, and his images are always dynamic, almost alive. I love the unusual perspective he brings to such a major star. Selena’s popularity is fascinating; she’s an icon for her generation. And yet, there is a disarming sincerity and a true presence about her, she’s very direct and grounded. She’s spontaneous and always up for discovering new things. Two years ago, she had already approached me in her very simple, easy-going manner and now I’m watching as she changes and grows. For a designer, it’s extremely gratifying to participate in the process as a woman evolves.” Nicolas Ghesquière

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“I have had the honor of working with Bruce Weber before, so it was great to already have a connection and I consider Nicolas a good friend at this point. We did the shoot in Miami and it was incredibly laid back. The both of them are very passionate and enthusiastic about their work. Wearing Vuitton makes me feel strong and con dent. Nicolas knows how to make a woman feel good about herself.” Selena Gomez

DEI 220x285 F-S5 SP11 FR_HD_RVB

Artistic Direction: Nicolas Ghesquière
Photographer: Bruce Weber
Creative Direction: Roonie Cooke Newhouse
Talent: Selena Gomez
Models: Jean Campbell, Sora Choi, Luisiana Gonzalez, Erika Linder, Rianne Van Rompaey and Natalie Westling
Stylist: Marie-Amélie Sauvé
Make-up: Peter Philips
Hair: Paul Hanlon
Shoot Location: Miami, USA

Images via Louis Vuitton

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