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The grandson of Louis Vuitton and a devotee of reading and writing like his father and grandfather before him, Gaston-Louis Vuitton was an insatiable book lover and collector. His personal library, his bookplate and his publications reflect that passion for books, while his desire for typography led him to found and preside over two bibliophile societies, a tradition that the Éditions Louis Vuitton still perpetuate today. Armed with this inherited passion, the House of Louis Vuitton invites you on a new journey: to discover the Louis Vuitton Writing Universe.

A platform for poetry, modernity and sophistication, this new departure celebrates the unique Louis Vuitton heritage through its founders, its famous clients, long-distance travel writers and its iconic creations. Whether it’s Ernest Hemingway’s trunk that was found to contain his blackened notebooks from his youthful years in Saint-Germain-des-Prés or the desk-trunk belonging to the great explorer Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza with its secret compartment containing a confidential report, the Writing Universe is an invitation to share stories that are packed with excitement and symbols.

Louis Vuitton DOSSIER DE PRESSE GB 5 Louis Vuitton World of Writing

Resolutely modern and innovative, as the exclusive patent for the writing instruments shows, the Writing Universe revisits an art of living based on sophistication and grandeur – with personalisation in particular at its heart – to wit, the bibliophiles who rush to inscribe a new book with their initials or monogram almost as soon as they acquire it.

Through its writing implements, exclusive inks, crystal inkwells, writing sets, trunks, and collectors’ cases as well as its collections of bespoke stationery, the Writing Universe juxtaposes the codes of the art of correspondence with those of the House of Louis Vuitton. Combinations of colour, texture and materials – everything has a part to play in the message and pleasure of writing.

Constructed like an English country garden just waiting to be explored, item by enchanting item, the various themes of Writing according to Louis Vuitton, the Cabinets d’Écriture, the settings of our collections, are at the same time both cultural venues and meeting places, where historic pieces stand alongside superlative products, travel companions and lifelong companions, not far from those who created them: whether these be craftsmen, artists or clients…

These are just a few of the stopovers proposed by Louis Vuitton label in the Writing Universe. It’s up to you to pen your journey…

Louis Vuitton DOSSIER DE PRESSE GB 21 Louis Vuitton World of WritingLouis Vuitton DOSSIER DE PRESSE GB 29 Louis Vuitton World of WritingLouis Vuitton DOSSIER DE PRESSE GB 36 Louis Vuitton World of Writing



For Louis Vuitton, innovation is a journey. As a guarantee of the excellence of each item, every product making its entrance into the world of Louis Vuitton creations is subjected to months of research and development. A recently-patented fountain pen brings the enchantment back to writing, that age-old social grace, by imbuing it with all the qualities of avant-garde modernity. Packed with technological wizardry, this fountain pen will not leak during a flight, enabling long-distance travellers to enjoy the delights of writing above the clouds. An ingenious system effectively prevents any leaks in extreme conditions, avoiding the annoying experience of a stained shirt or bag and ensuring instant ink flow. The honing of the iridium tip, a manual operation entrusted to the precision of a craftsman, ensures the pen gliding perfectly smoothly over the paper, bringing the pleasure back to writing. High-tech at the service of stylishness, for this special item that delivers a delightful experience at any time of use… a vision of joy!

Louis Vuitton Crystal Inkwell Louis Vuitton World of WritingLouis Vuitton Crystal Inkwell in Gold, Platinum

Louis Vuitton Pens Louis Vuitton World of WritingLouis Vuitton Alligator Fountain Pens, Graphite Ballpoint Pen, Palladium Rollerball Pen

The embodiment of technical innovation fostering the spirit of travel, Louis Vuitton presents an exclusive patent on its fountain pens. Inventiveness and performance: this patent enables the pen’s owner to travel safe without fearing that it will leak – even in the air – making it a reliable lifelong companion.



Writing to travel, tracing the words that conjure up dreams, placing them on the delicate grain of a white sheet of paper at the start of a long-distance tour of the shores of the imagination. Hastily scribbled notes inscribed on the traveller’s notebook, sentences lovingly elaborated in the quest for perfection, poetic resonance patiently conceived in the silence of creation: writing traces the route towards ever unexplored lands. A mysterious opening to another world, every character is an invitation to adventure. Travelling companion, communicator of feelings, magic formula for happiness: writing makes the world go round.

Louis Vuitton Travel Kit Louis Vuitton World of WritingLouis Vuitton Gold Rollerball Pen, Alligator Pen Case in Taupe, Damier Paper GM in Blue, Monogram Writing Folder PM

Designed to be items on the move, pen cases, writing sets, collectors’ notebooks and trunks – all the writing products embody the spirit of travel and meet the requirements of modern mobility. The poetic Arabic calligraphy on the trunk, the softness of Japanese paper, and the beauty of the writing set are all just so many invitations to travel.


The Joy of Writing

The light stroke of pen on white paper, the smell of blue ink, the velvety softness of the blotter and the light touch of a hand racing to relate far-away events… Writing is an intimate act bringing together its rituals, its codes and its language. Each object evokes a world where the shade and scent of the paper, the colour of the ink, and the shape and size of the envelope reveal the feelings hidden behind the words like messages preceding the message. In the time it takes to write a letter, the balance of a pen, the fineness of a nib and the thickness of a line then become the precious instruments of a subtle and delicate art for its own sake. This art of living, a shared treasure amongst the initiated, perpetuates the myths that nurture the greatest cultures; legend is transcribed for an ever renewed joy of writing.

Louis Vuitton Inks Louis Vuitton World of WritingLouis Vuitton Inks in Rose Espiègle (Impish Pink), Violet Malicieux (Mischievous Purple), Or Audacieux (Bold Gold)

Louis Vuitton Calf Leather Notebooks Louis Vuitton World of WritingLouis Vuitton Calf Leather Notebook in Navy Blue, Purple, Red

Through its twelve exclusive ink colours, its six notepad calf notebooks, its thirteen alligator colours along with the personalisation on its pens, the Writing Universe is a veritable stroke of colour and poetry. It all adds up to the enchantment and joy of writing.



The stamp of words, the stamp of signs, the stamp of yourself… to be inscribed on the object of your dreams as though definitively sealing a story of passion. From the very outset, the private histories of its clients have been intertwined with that of the House of Louis Vuitton. From special orders for typing to Mon Monogram, each accessory can sport its own colours. Because writing is an intimate affair that emanates from the very depths of one’s being and turns into the expression of objects and sentiments, Louis Vuitton offers the possibility of personalising every element of his Écriture collections.

Louis Vuitton Travel Kit 2 Louis Vuitton World of WritingLouis Vuitton Alligator Fountain Pen in Burgundy, Taïga Pen Case in Grey, Taïga Document Holder PM in Grey

Louis Vuitton Stationery1 Louis Vuitton World of WritingLouis Vuitton Paper GM in White, Envelope MM in White

Selecting the casing for your writing instrument from the 13 alligator colour schemes, matching your writing set to your pen using the Made-to-Order service, personalizing your notebooks and document holders with the Mon Monogram offer, signing your correspondence alongside your initials, your name in one of seven exclusive typographies created from the Louis Vuitton archives: these are just a few of the unique services that make up the intimate and personal experience within the Louis Vuitton’s Writing Universe.


Art of Living

Like all their creations, The Writing Universe – a new Louis Vuitton departure – unites ancestral technical performance and expertise to offer devotees the joy of times remembered. This letter-writing tradition, passed down through the ages from the 16th century, has given us the passion for detail, the love of a unique personal creation where the grain of a piece of paper, the colour of an ink, or the course of a nib unite with sentences providing the intimate and secret sense of a missive that must be decoded veritable art of living made all the more so by Louis Vuitton, for whom, far from conflicting with one another, handwriting and digital writing complement each other. Each in its own time, to each its own use, to each its own codes. Through its sophistication and the stylishness of its products, the Louis Vuitton Writing Universe recreates an exclusive art of living to enable everyone to write about special times and share precious moments.

Louis Vuitton Travel Kit 3 Louis Vuitton World of WritingLouis Vuitton Alligator Fountain Pen in Navy Blue, Alligator Pen Case in Navy Blue, Alligator Writing Folder in Navy Blue, Envelope MM in Blue

Through its collections of writing instruments, its exclusive inks, its crystal inkwells, its collections of paper, its writing sets and its trunks, the Louis Vuitton Writing Universe puts together a resolutely modern art of living, heir to a long tradition of history and heritage within the House.

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