New Damier Azur Pieces for Spring 2010

For the start of the year, Louis Vuitton’s Damier Azur line has been updated with the addition of new pieces. So if you’re an Azur fan or getting ready for the perfect summer getaway, here’s some good stuff for you.

Damier Azur Neverfull
I know some people who have been eagerly waiting for the Azur version of the utilitarian Neverfull and finally… its officially out! Get your Azur Neverfulls at Louis Vuitton for US$650 for the PM, US$700 for the MM, and US$750 for the GM.

Damier Azur Stresa
The Monogram canvas version of the Stresa was released first, and now the fresh Damier Azur canvas. This compact and casual bag radiates chicness thanks to its elegantly slouchy form factor. Get it at Vuitton for US$1360 for the PM, and US$1520 for the GM.

Damier Azur Eva Clutch

Damier Azur Stole
Coordinating with the leather goods, this lovely stole in a luxurious and lightweight blend of cashmere and silk captures the spirit of summer. This stole combines various patterns such as different sizes of damiers and Monogram flowers. US$715 at Vuitton.

Damier Azur Blanket
Chicly cover yourself up against a cool summer breeze with the Damier Azur Blanket. Made from 75% wool and 25% angora, its super-soft and truly luxurious. US$1090 at Vuitton.

Images via Louis Vuitton

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