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In the Women’s Fashion Show Fall/Winter 2012, the Porters appeared carrying the models’ luggage, adding an exceptional hint to the show and recalling a time when train travel was considered the height of luxury. Always associated with journeys through the places he crosses and belongs to, the Porter remains a discrete but key figure intimately linked to an elegant Art of Travel. Railway station platforms, docks, luxury hotels… he subtly evokes a luxurious departure for unknown places and reminds us of Louis Vuitton’s nineteenth-century origins, lightness and magic.

In this magnetic fashion film set to music by the band Hot Chip, the sophisticated symbol reinvents itself to stretch to infinity: thousands of Porters reveal a rhythmic and hypnotic world. One enters a huge enigmatic white room and finds his way through the crowd. The discrete embodiment of sophistication in travel finally turned into the main protagonist of a journey to Louis Vuitton’s origins as a luggage purveyor.

Images via Louis Vuitton

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