The things that have made my Christmas Wishlist.

Hello lovely reader! Halloween has passed, and I am now looking forward for December. We are only few weeks away ’til Christmas , christmas tress and lanterns are starting to pop up. I am really excited for the holidays to come! So today, I opted to post my “Christmas Wishlist”. You know I always have to have a “list” every occasions like Christmas, Valentines, and Halloween to avoid the shopping bugs. I like planning ahead of time and putting all the things I want to buy as I don’t want to splurge too much in shopping- as they say the early the better! After all, it’s another time where we can indulge our selves with pretty things – from our  13th month pay!

So here are the things that I’ve been wanting to get on hand for so long. I am not sure if I’d get to accomplish all these beauties before the year ends. We all know though that Christmas is all about giving, so feel free to send me any of them, lol! Kidding aside, I just want to show you the things that have made my Christmas list.

Christmas Wishlist 2012Pale Pink Studded Boot Wedges - I´m a big fan of both flat and wedge shoes. I love the fact that they works for almost everything. This can be purchase at

Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Pink Silicon Stainless Steel Sport Watch – A new watch to wear for my every day get up. These baby has definitely captured my heart!

Juicy Couture Women’s Wild Things Purple Leopard Print Zip Wallet - A new wallet to replace my old one, my current wallet is getting worn out.

Casetagram Iphone case- I know you’re thinking.. OMG “how many cases does she need for her iphone?” But how could you not want a customize iphone with your instagram photos. The pic above is not the actual iphone case – you can check it on I have a multiple cases for my iphone but I feel like I always want a new cover for my baby besides, this one can be customize and I don’t have cases like this yet. Ho-ho!

Urban Decay Naked2 – I feel like my wish list is not complete, without having my favorite brand of make up in my list. I love this eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay. Pretty please? (:

Colorblock Headphones – Too cute to resist!

FULL TILT Floral Womens Corset – Trendy is the word! I love corsets and I would love to wear it on Holidays! I’m pretty sure it would look  great on me. Ha-ha!

That’s all for for my Christmas Wishlist post. How about you what’s on your Christmas wishlist?

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