Tips on Wearing Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry is the perfect way to spice up an outfit. It can make an inexpensive outfit appear interesting. Here are some quick tips for wearing jewelry:

Contrasting colors:
Matching your jewelry with your outfit can drown out your look. Instead, choose contrasting colors – some popular colors that look great with each other include turquoise blue jewelry with a yellow top/dress, a green top with an amethyst necklace or a gray top/dress with black onyx earrings.

Chunky Amethyst Necklace
Purple Amethyst Groove Necklace

Choose Jewelry That Will Flatter Your Body Type:
As we know, clothing is cut differently for different body types. Though this is less so in terms of jewelry, the same concept applies – certain types of jewelry are more appropriate for some than others. For instance, plus size women look great in thin pendant necklaces and bracelets and petite women are more suited to large bangles and chunky bead necklaces.

Sterling Silver Agate Pendant Necklace
Red Agate Pendant

Layering jewelry:
Layering your jewelry pieces can create a unique look without spending extra money. You can mix and match fine and fashion jewelry. For instance, diamond earring with a chunky gemstone necklace or silver earrings with a vintage bead necklace? Yes, mixing fine and fashion jewelry can look great together if done right. Make sure one doesn’t overshadow the other – for instance, a red bead necklace with an orange bracelet won’t look that hot!

Chunky Vintage Bead Necklace

We’re sure there are many more…comment and tell us what you think.

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