Tokyo Love Soap Review

Well, finally my Tokyo Love Soap parcel made its way to my doorstep last week! Woaaah! I am so thrilled to be given the opportunity to try out a line of the most popular beauty soap used by celebrities and models in Japan. Thank You Tokyo Love Shop!! :) So I was sent 4 beauty samples in different variants.. which I will be reviewing later. When I open the package, I fell in love with the pretty packaging and feminine smell of each soaps. I got really excited that I wanted to try them all right a way. (Laughs)

Tokyo Love Soap Reviews

Tokyo Love Soap Girls ($18.90 USD | 818.50 PHP)
Tokyo Love Soap Original ($16.75 USD | 725.39 PHP)
Tokyo Love Soap Professional ($21.90 USD | 948.42 PHP)
Tokyo Love Soap Premium ($23.75 USD | 1,029.00 PHP)

For a soap, these costs a lot but then again it was sent FREE. Aside from the fact that Japanese have the highest standards for beauty stuff – you all know too that FREE is my favorite thing! :D So of’course, I am more than happy to review them.

Tokyo Love Soap

You know how crazy I am when it comes to scents so I had to unbox them immediately to find my favorite scents. My favorite so far is the ‘Tokyo Love Soap Girls’. I like how it’s not overpowering at all, smells so floral and so delightful at least for me, Heh! But Anyways, I decided to try the Premium first because it’s the most expensive soap among TLS five variants. Tehee! Seriously, my friend suggested me to try the Premium first. It’s my 2nd day now using the Love Soap Premium and I was surprised how the soap works instantly. It does makes my skin so supple and smooth even though I only leave it for 2 minutes on my skin. Tokyo Love Soaps definitely leaves up to the promise of moisturizing and whitening your skin. I’ll give you an update when I’m halfway through the bar, and hopefully more pictures later so you girls can see.

To those who wants to try these Love Soap. I highly recommend buying them from as they sell authentic soaps and ship WORLDWIDE to any country. Customer service is also excellent! Not to mention, Tokyo Love Shop product is 100% organic and vegan. They do not support animal testing.

Tokyo Love Soap Reviews

Can’t wait to try out the other variants. Thanks so much TokyoLoveShop <3 . Have you tried any of these Love Soap? Share your experience in comments below!

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